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“Hakeem” Zaid Hamid

 By Yasser Latif Hamdani

Zaid Hamid is a name thrown about quite a bit these days.  Who is he and what does he want?  Well I am sorry to disappoint his fans and supporters but Zaid Hamid is a small time nutcase and an Afghan war veteran who has probably been picked up some foolish schemer in the ISI to strengthen right-wing pro-Islamic ultra-nationalist sentiments described by them as “Deeni Ghairat”.

Somewhere towards the end of the Musharraf regime, when it was being vociferously challenged by the people’s movement,  Musharraf sought to create a new constituency for himself.  A “Musharraf lovers” body was formed and another group started agitating for Musharraf’s picture on the currency.   During this time entered onto stage one Ahmad Quraishi and one Zaid Hamid.  Former was an opinionated super-nationalist Musharraf lover and the latter presented himself as a defense and economic security analyst who in general promoted military rule over civilian rule.  Of these two the odd-looking Zaid Hamid with his red beret, small beard and rabble rousing style clearly won the day. Continue reading



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When Ayub Khan Accused Fatima Jinnah Of Being An Indian And American Agent


This story is from the Time Magazine datelined Christmas Day 1964.  It sheds interesting light on how far back this game of the security establishment conjuring up images of US-India collusion go.   Ayub Khan actually accused Fatima Jinnah of being pro-Indian and pro-American.   Oldest trick in the security establishment’s book. -YLH

“They call her the Mother of the Nation,” sniffed Pakistan’s President Mohammed Ayub Khan. “Then she should at least behave like a mother.” What upset Ayub was that Fatima Jinnah looked so good in pants. The more she upbraided Ayub, the louder Pakistanis cheered the frail figure in her shalwar (baggy white silk trousers). By last week, with Pakistan’s first presidential election only a fortnight away, opposition to Ayub had reached a pitch unequaled in his six years of autocratic rule. Continue reading


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Zain Qureshi Saga: The Shamelessness Of Our Extreme Right Wing


By Syed Wajid Ali

Maybe you’re not familiar with this colorful expression, which is commonly used among some minority groups in the US.  The phrase refers to the tendency of some people in a group to do their utmost to keep others from rising to the top – literally clawing their neighbors to prevent their success.  Continue reading


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Rejoinder to Kaiser Bengali’s Article

By Nadeem Khalid

When many liberal intellectuals were bestowing praises on Musharraf regime for promoting liberalism in the country and putting it on the path to progress, there were very few courageous voices among the intelligentsia, who openly dissected the rotten state of affairs under the military rule and shown its ugly face to the people. Kaiser Bengali was one of them. With other civil rights activists, he exposed military establishment’s nefarious games of engineering rifts between genuine political forces, suppressing smaller nationalities and nurturing sectarian, ethnic and fascist organizations. He lamented the diversion of scarce resources to a huge war machine and corporate empire, which was incompatible with country resources and criticized intelligence setups of stirring trouble with the neighboring countries externally and of controlling political forces internally. He famously remarked on a TV show that the army made money first in developing Taliban and later destroying them, both at the behest of US imperialism. His articles inspired and motivated people to fight against the autocratic military rule. Continue reading

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1953 and 1974-like situation being created again by the Right Wing

title-thumb     Yasser Latif Hamdani

In 1953, Khawaja Nazimuddin’s Muslim League Government at the center was brought down after sufficient unrest was created by Majlis-e-Ahrar (a party which had opposed the creation of Pakistan tooth and nail) calling itself  “Majlis-e-Amal” as part of the grand “Anti-Ahmaddiya” riots.  The whole scheme was secretly backed by Punjab CM Mumtaz Daultana who wanted to get rid of the soft-spoken Khawaja Nazimuddin from East Pakistan.     Their main demands were that Ahmadis be declared Non-muslim and Pakistan’s foreign minister Zafrullah Khan (an old associate of Jinnah and one of the authors of the Lahore Resolution) be fired.   That Zafrullah was the leading voice for Palestine and other Afro-Asian independence movements at the UN added another foreign angle to this. Continue reading


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The logic of Lawyers’ Movement prevails!

For all the nay-sayers who doubted the logic of a civil rights movement around the constitutional rights fo citizens,   it is now abundantly clear that it is not the “left wing” and “progressive”  PPP and  “secular” ANP – who have been busy signing accords to implement Taliban-style “Sharia” in Swat-  but the rightful and independent Chief Justice of Pakistan who has for all practical purposes rubbished all extra-constitutional accords and devices. If some in the right wing thought they could ride the constitutional tiger of the Lawyers’ Movement, they must be sorely disappointed because the logic of civil rights is anti-tyranny – be it religious or military-  and pro-people.  This New York Times article makes it plain why the restoration of the Chief Justice is the restoration of peoples’ rights against a wretched establishment, machiavellian power politicians, rogue religious fundos and the entrenched military of this country -YLH

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — The newly restored chief justice of Pakistan displayed his reputation as a human rights advocate and a prod to the government on Monday, when he hauled the attorney general and other officials before the Supreme Court and rebuked them over the flogging of a 17-year-old woman in the Taliban-controlled area of Swat. Continue reading


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What do Kaiser Bengali and other nay-sayers want?

The well written and well argued  but sadly misdirected piece by Mr. Kaiser Bengali in Dawn today  is exactly what is wrong with us in Pakistan in my view.  The Lawyers’ Movement has won a victory which is bigger than ideology- it is about independence of judiciary.  The logic of a nation state based on institutions ultimately leads to constitutionalism which in turn – no matter how diluted – results in a polity aware of its rights.  It is true that the Lawyers’ Movement had elements from all sections and ideologies including the right wing but to try and make it into some sort of a “quasi-theocratic right wing movement” is an insult to a truly people’s movement on a purely secular issue.   The writer takes great pains to point out that some of the people distantly associated with the movement, the Hamid Guls etc,  were part of the intelligence effort to install General Zia in power but he forgets that the movement itself was led by a liberal democrat and a true PPP wallah (unlike the false ones making a mockery of the party right now).   Continue reading


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