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The mouse that roared unconvincingly

by Zia Ahmad


An American friend recently sent a youtube clip featuring the uberPakistani sensation with the red beret circa 2007/8 Zaid Hamid/Zaman.

The clip appears to have been made around the time of the Osama killing and offers nothing new. Its yet another final warning to India, Amreeka and the zionists. What is more noticeable about this clip is the amateur nature of the video. The often repetitious monologue does not benefit from the uneven audibility of  Mr Zaman’s voice. Keeping the same bland facial expressions his voice goes oscillates between borderline thunderous to very much a whimper.


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Zaid Hamid Deflated

For those people both here and across the border making a big deal out of Zaid Hamid,  well here is a reality check.   The picture shows Al Hamra on 23rd March, 2010 for his “Takmeel” event.    Zaid Hamid had promised to mass 100, 000 people first to Minar-e-Pakistan but later changed his venue to Al Hamra Open Air theatre.   It was a terrific failure.

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Zaid Hamid!

This is dedicated to all those who think Zaid Hamid is Pakistan’s great white hope.


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“Hakeem” Zaid Hamid

 By Yasser Latif Hamdani

Zaid Hamid is a name thrown about quite a bit these days.  Who is he and what does he want?  Well I am sorry to disappoint his fans and supporters but Zaid Hamid is a small time nutcase and an Afghan war veteran who has probably been picked up some foolish schemer in the ISI to strengthen right-wing pro-Islamic ultra-nationalist sentiments described by them as “Deeni Ghairat”.

Somewhere towards the end of the Musharraf regime, when it was being vociferously challenged by the people’s movement,  Musharraf sought to create a new constituency for himself.  A “Musharraf lovers” body was formed and another group started agitating for Musharraf’s picture on the currency.   During this time entered onto stage one Ahmad Quraishi and one Zaid Hamid.  Former was an opinionated super-nationalist Musharraf lover and the latter presented himself as a defense and economic security analyst who in general promoted military rule over civilian rule.  Of these two the odd-looking Zaid Hamid with his red beret, small beard and rabble rousing style clearly won the day. Continue reading


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In defence of reason

By Nadeem F Paracha

Last week I was interviewed for a documentary on ‘Conspiracy Theorists,’ produced by DawnNews. The format of the program required two people talking about a chosen topic – a thesis/anti-thesis arrangement. The other person on the program was Mr. Zaid Hamid – the rock star among the many conspiracy theorists that are doing the rounds on mainstream television channels these days. Continue reading


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