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Fashionistas Not Revolutionaries

Lahore Fashion Week has brought Pakistan Fashion Debate back in international media.  

The first piece is from  CNN:

Lahore, Pakistan (CNN) — Bare backs, plunging necklines and high-cut hems. Western media recently reported that the bold statements made by Pakistan’s fashionistas at Lahore Fashion Week demonstrated how designers were rejecting conservative dress in the South Asian nation.

But the country’s top designers and models say that last week’s four-day fashion extravaganza wasn’t about defying extremism.

“I won’t go as far as to say that this was defiance of anything,” designer Kamiar Rokni told CNN backstage after his collection was shown. “That’s what the Western world sees because that’s what is news. But we’re making fashion news.”

Karachi may have stolen Lahore’s thunder by launching the country’s first fashion week last November but Lahore is considered Pakistan’s cultural capital and is home to the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design. It meant that Lahore Fashion Week became a sort of homecoming for many of the country’s premier designers who started in the city.

“It’s an extremely important, momentous show, not just for myself, but for everybody,” said Rokni, “because the Pakistan Fashion Design Council has been at it for five years and we’ve finally had our first fashion week.”

Vazeena Ahmed, who at age 37 is one of Pakistan’s oldest and most sought after models, said Pakistan had “trained designers now. Before there were just bored housewives with nothing else to do.” Continue reading


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Pakistani Fashion Keeps The Flag Flying High

Lahore to display its style streak

Young designers will display a total of 62 unique creations based on specific themes * Workshops for young fashion designers to train them for the upcoming KFW By Ali Usman LAHORE: ‘Step Fashion Montage’, a one of a kind fashion show, being organised by the Step Institute of Professional Development is all ready to set the ramp on fire. The event will begin on Monday at the heart of the Mall Of Lahore. Continue reading


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Pakistan Fashion Week Defies Terrorists

kfw2009Pakistanis will not give up.  Pakistanis will not surrender.  This was the message that came from Pakistan’s resilient fashion industry which is putting itself at stake by coming out full force for the country.   Karachi Fashion Week is bigger, better and sexier this year.

Pakistani Fashion Week Begins With Models Exposing Their Navels

KARACHI – Bare shoulders, exposed navels and a lot of skin show ruled the ramp at the Pakistan fashion week that begun here Wednesday defying the Taliban’s preference for the burqa. Continue reading


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London to Karachi: Mohammed Hanif on his homecoming to Pakistan

Mohammed Hanif

After living and working in London for more than a decade, I moved back to Pakistan just over a year ago – and soon realised that the Pakistan I knew had migrated elsewhere. Mainly to the front covers of the sombre current affairs magazines you find in posh dentists’ waiting rooms. The world’s media had reached a consensus that I had boarded a sinking ship. Time, Newsweek and the Economist have all written an obituary of Pakistan, some twice over. Continue reading


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Sari making a comeback in Pakistani fashion

Pakistani Supermodel Neha in a Sari

Pakistani Supermodel Neha in a Sari

The Sari in Pakistan did a disappearing act after it was declared un-Islamic by Zia. But the whole six yards has made a comeback in the form of formal wear as well as in the trousseaus of Pak girls. Therefore, Pakistan is seeing the resurgence of the Saris in a big way. Earlier the Sari was donned by prominent women like Fatima Jinnah, Begum Liaqat Ali and Nusrat Bhutto. However, later Gen Zia declared that saris implied an un-Islamic connotation and that’s when the Saris lost their grip on the Pakistani fashion and gradually started to fade away. Continue reading


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Long live Pakistan Fashion Industry

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

PakTeaHouse has celebrated the courageous Pakistani woman from the girl in Swat to Tahira Abdullah’s valiant and emotional struggle,  from Madar-e-Millat Fatima Jinnah’s life to Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s ultimate sacrifice,  from SherryRahman to Mukhtaran Mai.    Yet it was a single harmless picture of leading Pakistani model Natty that elicited a rather ironic, high pitched and self righteous attack against PakTeaHouse.   First it was an accusation of “male chauvinism” and then “objectification of women”.   Finally PTH was castigated for not being feminist.  Continue reading


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The Many Faces of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that lives in many different eras simultaneously.  Since we at PTH have been inundated with requests to showcase how various sections of Pakistani society live their lives and because there are many other sites who have showcased Pakistan’s various classes (as Arundhati would say nothing sells like poverty does),  we reproduce here some images from Daily Times’ Sunday Magazine.   We believe this image most strongly contrasts the Taliban and Swat related issues and shows the changing trends of women’s wear (and roles) from the traditional bride to the modern party girl in Pakistan.  Is Pakistan a society on collision with itself? For rest of the images visit the website.



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