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Teenage widow blamed for Moscow blast

April 3, 2010 from here

17-year-old girl

Pistol pose … the 17-year-old widow with her husband. Photo: AFP

MOSCOW: Russia has identified a 17-year-old widow of a Caucasus militant as one of the Moscow suicide bombers, reports said yesterday, as the country remained on high alert after the attacks. Continue reading


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Finally Waziristan…

Bilal Qureshi

Finally, the operation in Wazristan is under way, thank God. Pakistan is doing a good job of clearing every place that was a safe heaven for the nuts in and around Pakistan. Now, policy makers in Pakistan should not focus on achieving short term military objective. This war is not going to be easy and a lot of people believe that this is a generational issue as for as defeating the Taliban threat.
Obviously the military is going to easily defeat those who are going to take up arms against the army in Wazirstan, or at the very least, it is hoped that the army is going to defeat them. However, after the military moves out, how will the civilian population going to react to the future Talibans interested in making Wazirstan their home again? This is a very important question and I Continue reading


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Militant Madrassas – time has come to fix them

Dr Ishaq Inqilabi

For Developing Pakistan

 Some may feel that the state must allow the northern campaign against the Talibans to succeed before opening another front.  This thinking is flawed on several counts.  There may be under 5000 Talibs but probably two orders of magnitude (ie 500,000) supporters of the Talibs spread across Pakistan’s madrassas that teach them violent Wahabi Islam with money from Saudia and elsewhere.

 The Pakistani public is slowly beginning to see the nastiness of the radicals.  Sad events like the callous bombing of Lahore on May 27th, makes them more receptive to eliminating the corrupted madrassas which preach violence.  Continue reading


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Lahore is burning even as the anti-terror operation is successful

Raza Rumi

[reportedly] 27 dead and dozens injured – no respite for us.

Once again, in less than a month Lahore has been ravaged by terrorists. Who said that Pakistan was a hub of terrorism – we are now the greatest victim of terror and militancy. The residents of Lahore are scared and the vibrant city seems to be enveloped in a mist of uncertainty and fear.

The Mumbai and later Lahore 3/3 model seems to be in vogue now. Extremely well trained commandos, with sophisticated weapons  and not afraid of death are let loose on the society. The media is hysterical as well and following the Indian media’s cue[s] is now a participant and embedded in the so-called operation. Continue reading


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Book Review: Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

Picture right below Bashart Peer

lal-chowk-srinagar-oct-6American author and academic Alastair Lamb wrote of the Kashmir dispute as “incomplete partition”.  He wrote that had it not been for the Kashmir dispute, Pakistan and India might have worked out their differences and existed as two prosperous nations “evolving towards each other” –which was the stated objective of partition in the first place- instead of away from each other. The cleavage instead has widened and Kashmir remains etched in the consciousness of Indians and Pakistanis – both anxious to claim it to complete themselves.  So  Basharat Peer’s memoir epitomizes the effect of this incompleteness that both Indians and Pakistanis have brought to bear on the lives of hapless Kashmiris.
“Curfewed Night” is a chronicle from the eyes of a Kashmiri growing up in the valley and watching it transform into a hotbed of violent militancy pitted against state oppression. It is also about a people unwilling to lose their identity. What is it about identity anyway that causes people to sacrifice their future in its name?  Identity is the most powerful mobilizing force in history.  But what happens when identity gets into a perpetual conflict with those who wish to crush it?   Does identity dissipate?  Kashmir has been ill-served by India, by Pakistan, by the militants and by its own politicians who have failed to work out a compromise.  It has turned the serene valley into the bloodied nose of Asia. Continue reading


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Ayesha Jala’s new book – PARTISANS OF ALLAH

Jihad’s Long Journey 

Read an excerpt from Ayesha Jalal’s book.

Wall Street Journal

By Ayesha Jalal
(Harvard, 373 pages, $29.95) Continue reading


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