Teenage widow blamed for Moscow blast

April 3, 2010 from here

17-year-old girl

Pistol pose … the 17-year-old widow with her husband. Photo: AFP

MOSCOW: Russia has identified a 17-year-old widow of a Caucasus militant as one of the Moscow suicide bombers, reports said yesterday, as the country remained on high alert after the attacks.

Citing sources close to the investigation, the Kommersant daily named one of the two female suicide bombers who blew themselves up on the Moscow metro on Monday as Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova, 17, from Dagestan in the North Caucasus. The newspaper published a photograph of the baby-faced teenager in an Islamic headscarf with her late husband, Umalat Magomedov. Both were posing casually with pistols.

The Interfax news agency also reported that the teenager had been identified as a bomber.

The reports came as Russia remained tense after the Moscow bombings, the deadliest militant bombing in the capital for six years, and another double suicide strike on Wednesday that killed 12 in a town in Dagestan close to Chechnya.

On Thursday, during a surprise visit to Dagestan, President Dmitry Medvedev urged tough anti-terrorist measures.

Kommersant said Abdurakhmanova’s husband was a Dagestani Islamist rebel who had been killed in a ”special operation” last year.

Russian investigators believe she was responsible for the first of the double suicide blasts on the metro on Monday which together killed 39 people, Kommersant reported. Yesterday 85 victims remained in hospital.

Investigators have not officially identified the second bomber, but one report said she was a Chechen woman named as Markha Ustarkhova, the widow of another Caucasus militant, Kommersant reported.

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20 responses to “Teenage widow blamed for Moscow blast

  1. Desi-MBA

    Welcome to the “Religion of Peace” (copyright trade mark, all rights reserved with the Grand Imam of Suadi Arabia).

  2. Natasha

    ^ It’s got nothing to do with the ‘religion of peace’.

  3. mukherjee

    The ‘Religion of Peace’ remark was rather stupid!
    Just exposes the irrational bias some demented people carry against Islam! I don’t support these violent acts, but what do people do when they have their backs to the wall!? No one wants to die, dude! Just try to imagine what this young lady must have gone through before she chose the extreme path of self-destruction.. I refuse to believe that people blow themselves up on a random basis just because they look forward to enjoying the fruits of their deeds in Heaven! Unless the issues that compel these extreme steps are addressed, no amount of security checks would make the world a safer place. It cannot be a just world where a country spends trillions on nuclear technology while millions of her citizens are malnourished and die of starvation.

  4. Natasha

    Well said Mujherjee.

  5. amjad bilal

    a lot of women become and have become widows throughout history in war,how many have u seen blow themselves up in their teens in other conflicts???
    p.s. she is a widow at 17 !!! at what age was she “married” to the great holy warrior????

  6. Mustafa Shaban

    @mukherjee: totally agree wit you

  7. swapnavasavdutta

    What about those people who brainwashed
    these youngsters? What and how are their kids

  8. pHaze

    People do blow themselves up to get ‘fruits’ in heaven. Let us not fool ourselves over this. How come only Muslims get ‘pushed to the wall’ ??!?. There have been bloodbaths in the name of Islam during the past 1400 years. Let us not forget it. (This again applies to other religions too!). The fundamental problem here IMO is that Islam is a totalitarian supremacist ideology – and finally I don’t see “Islamic terrorism” coming to an end ever.

    P.S: I’m not against Islam, and I do respect it. Every religion cannot be true and valid eternally, people must reinterpret the holy books to make sense in current times. For example, recently some Islamic scholars declared that the logic of ‘house of Islam’ and ‘house of infidels’ does not apply for current times.

  9. sid

    > No one wants to die, dude! Just try to imagine what this young lady must have gone through before she chose the extreme path of self-destruction.

    This is plain stupid. The youngsters are more easier to brainwash. One acquires more rational thinking as he grows.

    How far anybody can keep denying? Look around and see whats happening, which religion does most of these suicide bombers belong? Numbers cannot lie or stupid, its only people.

    I am beginning to believe, there is something really wrong in this religion.

  10. Yasir Qadeer

    This is like fighting fire with fire. The women blew herself to take revenge of her husband who was also a militant. Rather than refuting away from the sick doctrine which took away her husband, she went on the same path. This is really sad and this also shows that terrorism is not a local threat. It is a global phenomenon and that is how it should be addressed.

  11. Zulfiqar Haider

    Division of provinces into sub-provinces won’t help, as we are already facing a multitude of problems, and terrorism being the most pressing issue. Further division would call for new administration, allocation of funds and a number of other arrangements, which I think is not feasible at this point in time.

  12. Zulfiqar Haider

    Suicide is already a crime; you are wasting the life gifted by God. Suicide attacks are even worse, because the attacker kills innocent people along. This young widow could have chosen another path instead of doing such a heinous crime.

  13. Ammar

    I wonder if such teenagers are capable of making informed decisions. Youngsters are now being heavily recruited by militant organizations. In a news report yesterday by Daily Times it is speculated that the Taliban be attempt to use youth as potential bombers as they will be disguised as students and the suicide vest will be replaced by a school bag. It is a horrifying prospect; somehow we need to engage our youth in constructive activities

  14. vajra


    I question your historical accuracy.

    Did Muslims invent suicide bombing? What, then, of those others who were ‘driven to the wall’ earlier than Muslims were? Does your analysis stand up to examination in light of this?

  15. AZW


    If Islam is a “totalitarian supremacist ideology that will never come to an end” then why do you respect it.

    Modern suicide bombings have been practiced by Tamil Tigers against the civilians as well. What does it say about “bloodbath in the name of religion”?

    Some of the worst mass murderers of modern times, Stalin or Pol Pot for example, were quite irreligious. Why condemn religion for excesses only? (not that religions are blameless here, but maybe the common thread behind excessive violence is the human desire for power, and control. Using religion or not, humans have been killing each other quite efficiently for the past many millenia.


    What the two Chechnyan women did on a Moscow Subway by blowing innocent commuters around them was completely wrong. So were the suicide bombers in Iraq, Israel and the United States. Anyone (and there are plenty in Pakistan) who support these acts in the name of revenge, or more bluntly in the name of Islam, keep forgetting a simple fact. That allowing wanton killings in the name of religion sets up on a slippery slope where if infidels can be killed in the name of God, then any infidel can be killed in the name of God. Anyone who is a better authority on God can decipher it him/herself and set out to do regardless of our concerns, since we have already condoned the previous actions.

    For all the Pakistanis who cheered suicide bombings in Israel, United States, and Iraq, this is a bitter lesson that has been in our face for quite some time now. It is quite intriguing to see that if suicide bombings are committed against us, the bombers are misguided. And if against the non Muslims, there are plenty of justifications available off the shelf.

  16. pHaze

    @vajra, AZW

    Let us look at Japan during WW2, they too were ‘motivated’ by feelings of racial supremacy. How many innocent people did the kill? 20 million?. Also the fact that Japan is a 98% Buddhist country!. (Buddhist terrorism? 🙂 )

    I do respect Buddhism and other religions too, but I also try to understand why religions inspire violence. Dont you think every major religion has its share of violence in the past.? Merely saying that killing innocent people is against Islam is insufficient and probably will never help. A paradigm shift in attitude is important. (Is an ideology there to serve you and your society, OR should you serve an ideology and its alleged cause?- there is a huge difference in the way you see it).

  17. vajra


    There is a huge difference between your own two last posts, and it is good to see.

    In your earlier post, the entire body of the post was about Islam, and its immutable, aggressive nature, except for a caveat about other religions having done so too, which completely destroyed the logic of your claim that Islam is exclusively an intolerant religion.

    In your second post, you have travelled miles away, and are now equating Islam with Japanese nationalism, and also have replaced your villain du jour. If only your first post had been so broad in its scope.

    Just curiousity: which of the two posts represents your true position, btw?

  18. pHaze


    Actually both my posts represents my views. My only point of contention is that Islam has a tendency to be aggressive because of the way it is preached. I’m not equating Islam with Japanese nationalism, just trying to point out that things can go badly wrong anywhere, not just Muslim countries.

    But yet in almost all Muslim countries, there is a systemic persecution of minorities. What about Pakistan itself? 25% were Hindus when Pakistan was created. Today the ‘kafir’ problem has been taken care of!!. Hardly 2% of the population are now Hindus. For me, this represent a serious underlying problem.

    And finally, I like the underlying socialist philosophy of Islam but resent Islam’s political ‘ambition’ and ideology – because this basically boils down to Muslims being foot soldiers to serve and propagate the ’cause’ of Islam.

  19. Sadia Hussain

    The teenagers are predominantly prone to be recruited by extremist groups. As they often are unable to make an informed decision and can be influenced by misinformation and frustrated due to lack of opportunities. Pakistan is going through a demographic upheaval as 60% of the population comprises of the youth now we can let this youth to be a fodder for extremists or we can engage them to become productive citizens.

  20. @mukherjee. I would have to agree with you to some extent. The ideology behind suicide bombing is yet to be understood. The main reason here is that a handful religious leaders tend to manipulate the minds of the young ones who fail to fit in the society such as this girl. This is recreational activities and education is cruicial in countries such as Pakistan as well.