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FICTION: The Solidity of Things

Posted by Raza Rumi

At PTH, we have struggled to retain the balance between politics, history and arts and culture. However, given Pakistan’s turbulent politics and security, it has been an uphill task. We are now inviting new writers to come and express themselves at PTH. Especially since the explosion (pun intended) of Pakistani fiction at a global scale. We are printing a story by Hamza Rehman who is a an Esquire based in Islamabad. Hamza is a practising lawyer who moonlights as DJ for Pakistan Broadcasting Association’s Planet FM 94, where he hosts the Alternative Rock and 80’s shows. He freelances for The Friday Times and pens fiction as much as he can. He primarily writes about characters in Islamabad and experiments heavily with metaphor. The Solidity of Things is his debut short story.

Hope the readers would enjoy this rather bold, avante garde story.

“… but they sprawled from another country, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and the rest.

Islamabad is Pakistan’s first city.”

The billboard outside the Daewoo Bus Station introduced Islamabad as a new sentence to passengers arriving from Lahore. The other cities trailed off from another paragraph – divided India. Yes of course, Ahmed thought, Islamabad was post partition. The 1960’s. Ahmed sat in his jaundiced Suzuki FX that peeled silver rust at places. Through the tempered glass the weather shone warm with grim April yellow. Ahmed tried to make out if his maternal cousin, Haroon, had arrived.

Islamabad was roadblock central now. Blockades were a zipper formation and the ITP an ever vigil martinet on Fridays. Ahmed remembered a conversation with Usman: “Ahmed, solid terrorism, or manifest terrorism, isn’t the Islamabad Marriot burning the fuck down.” Taking a drag of his Gold Leaf, Usman had pithily said, “It’s the insecurity that follows”, in a wisp of solid smoke and truth.  Continue reading


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On the Task of Writing Meaningful Words

By Zia Ahmad

Writer’s block is fiction, doesn’t happen, an excuse for pure dumb laziness and a supremely narcissistic and vain labored way to remind oneself of his/her pretentious talented bearings. Just as anyone can sing, cook and laugh, writing is a vocation any one can take up. Nothing to it, easiest thing in the world. Continue reading


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Bridging the wide gap

Source: “Writers of Pakistani origin find themselves wedged between readers of two countries that share similar tastes, interests and a common pre-Partition history. Kalindi Sheth tests the connection between India and Pakistan through literature.

India and Pakistan are in the strange situation of being so close — more than just geographically — yet also being filled with misconceptions and stereotypes about each other, so there’s a particular pleasure when fiction starts to dismantle some of those stereotypes,” says Pakistani novelist Kamila Shamsie, whose works include In the City by the Sea, Broken Verses and the latest, Burnt Shadows.

Pakistani writers, or writers of Pakistani origin, find themselves wedged between readers of two countries that share Continue reading


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A Case of Exploding Talent – Books from Pakistan

Aysha Raja

I was born and raised outside Pakistan, but to say I came to live in Lahore by chance is an understatement. I’ve had a love affair with Pakistan since a very young age and, after nearly a decade of living here, I can say with certainty that I’ve never once regretted my decision. Of all the places I have lived this is where I have felt most alive though, admittedly, the accompanying fear and uncertainty ensures you never take a day for granted. For the time I was living outside Pakistan, I was constantly trying to curb my insatiable hunger for information about Pakistan. I even mustered up the strength to get through My Feudal Lord and plough through most of Bapsi Sidwa’s work. Thanks to a friend, I was also introduced to ‘Pakistan’s first independent weekly’, which enjoyed some prominence back in the day. Continue reading


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