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Partition of India: Pakistan and Islam

The Series continues from our last piece Partition of India: The Final Years . We reproduce the seminal work on this issue by the foremost Pakistani intellectual,  the late Hamza Alavi,  who explains why Pakistan was not created as a confessional state but as a secular state and also gave his famous “Salariat” theory which went a long way in explaining the forces behind the creation of Pakistan.

By Hamza Alavi

There is a pervasive belief, held more widely outside Pakistan than in the country itself, that Pakistan like Israel and Iran, is one of three confessional states in the world; that, like Israel, Pakistan’s very origin was to fulfil a religious ideal, to create an Islamic state and Islamic society for Muslims of India. Within Pakistan itself that slogan was proclaimed most stridently by the Jamaat-e-Islami, a fundamentalist extreme right wing party, which was aided and abetted by politically bankrupt regimes such as that of Gen. Zia which hoped, by exploiting the good name of Islam, to gain some spurious political legitimacy. Continue reading


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