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Cricket and Islam

Is Pakistan winning this year’s Twenty20 a symptom of the receding influence of the Tableeghi Jammat in the team, asks Nadeem F. Paracha.

In 1996 when the underdog Sri Lankan cricket team created one upset after another to finally win that year’s prestigious Cricket World Cup, the then decade long Civil War on the island between the Sinhalese-dominated government and the Tamil Tigers took a subtle but definitive turn. [1] Continue reading


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The Battle for Pakistan’s soul

Farrukh Rehan

As an oddly smiling President Zardari of Pakistan stood behind a visibly concerned President Obama in the White House this week, one had to wonder what Mr. Zardari was smiling about. Seven thousand miles away, in the country over which he presides, the economy has tanked, the province of Baluchistan is in the grips of a secessionist movement, Karachi is embroiled in ethnic violence between Pashtuns and Urdu speakers, and that’s not even the most pressing problem this nation of 170 million people is facing. As I write this, tens of thousands of refugees are pouring out of the Swat valley in anticipation of a major military offensive by the Pakistani Army against the Taliban.

For weeks, headlines around the world have raised alarm about the proximity of the Taliban to the capital Islamabad, and analysts have puzzled over the curious detachment with which the civilian government and the Pakistani Army seemed to be observing the situation deteriorate. Now that the Pakistani army is finally engaging the Taliban, there is one question on everyone’s mind: Is Pakistan serious about this fight this time, or will it cut a deal with the militants, as it has done in the past with disastrous consequences? Continue reading

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Western Democracy! Right Pill at Wrong Time?

PTH does not necessarily agree with all the views of Shahid Ali, who has sent this piece for circulation

If we look upon countries trying to advance which are generally called as ‘developing countries’, specially South Asian developing countries, we will find that since inception of these countries nothing at large has been improved. Big percentage of their population lives below poverty line. Food, drinking water, health, education, housing, nothing is adequately available to common people. Continue reading


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Laid-back Lahore faces a frightening future

From the Guardian

When gunmen attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team in broad daylight, they struck in the heart of the most cosmopolitan city in Pakistan. Now the residents of Lahore fear that the religious violence that blights other regions has taken root on their own doorstep. Their bleak mood is the latest sign of the times in a troubled country. Jason Burke, Isaam Ahmed and Saeed Shah in Lahore report

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