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A debate derailed

“Oh and please, try to stay a little light hearted about this one”

by Asif Akhtar       cross-post from Dawn Blog, Nov 20th, 2009

Last week, in a blog titled ‘The Convenient Curtain of Myth‘, I tried to show the dangers of viewing international politics through popular mythological conceptions which produce theories like the India-US-Israel triangulation as a conspiracy to destroy Islam and Pakistan. Little did I know this would turn into a hotly debated topic fueled with national pride and egoistic emotions. I figured I should utilise my slot this week to respond to some of the eye-catching comments, while covering different themes of the debate, and at the same time injecting some much needed humor into the situation. Continue reading


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Should Muslim Children Receive Sex Education?

This news story represents in our view all that is wrong with Muslims in general but Muslim minorities in the west in particular who are hell bent on rejecting western civilization and western values to an extent that they end up becoming infinitely more rigid and maniacal about faith than Muslims from Muslim majority countries.   There is nothing wrong with sex education in schools and in a market place of ideas, Muslim parents ought to try and make their ideas more palatable to their children.   And if western values are so unbearable, move back (and be prepared to find out that people in your motherlands are NOT like you either).   Otherwise embrace your new homes wholeheartedly.  But please stop this drama for god’s sake.-YLH

By Lila Green

In an underground hall at the London Central Mosque in Regent Street, a group of parents sitting on plastic chairs is clustered around a power point. A small, neatly dressed man at the front welcomes them, introducing himself as Yusuf Patel. “As Muslims we believe in values,” he says, “We believe in haraam and halal, but sex and relationship education (SRE) teaching in this country does not provide this. It is the responsibility of parents to see their children educated, but not at the expense of these values.”

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Obama echoed Benazir Bhutto in his Cairo Speech


President Barack Obama’s historic address of Thursday 04 June-09 from Cairo is certainly talk-of-the-town now.  A great speaker that he certainly is, he was surely able to leave some good impressions especially in the Muslim world and the results are showing already. The elections results of Lebanon, where a pro-West coalition has been able to trounce the Hezbollah-led coalition, and those in Iran, where street protests go on with full fervor, may be termed as the testimony to the same. His speech continues to resonate all over and is already winning praises from his foes and friends alike. The pundits say, in his 55-minute address he was able to connect to the Muslim world largely because of the fact that he was bold enough to speak the truth. Continue reading


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Reform or Perish

By Raza Rumi

On the face of it, the Pakistani state with the clear endorsement of political parties and the majority of its citizenry is fighting a battle against militant Islamism. However, it is not as simple a formulation as it appears to be. The state is also cracking under extreme pressure for having lost its capacities and effectiveness a long time ago. The central tenet of state policy and implementation is adhocism that keeps a mammoth, oversized, under-paid and snail-paced elephant going. With Mughal and pre-industrial social structures reflecting in a colonial organisation, the Pakistani state is an unattended patient lying on an Elliotesque table, waiting for a surgery. Continue reading

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America Creating ‘Talibanization’ in Pakistan, Say Arab Media

New America Media, News Analysis, Jalal Ghazi

 Editor’s Note: Arab media are disappointed with Pres. Barack Obama’s Pakistan-Afghanistan strategy. The U.S. focus on the Taliban’s assault on women’s rights ignores the fact that the military attacks are actually helping to unite Pashtun tribal groups under the Taliban banner, says NAM contributor Jalal Ghazi.

The specter of a Taliban takeover of Pakistan has been haunting Western media. As the fighting between Pakistani forces and the Taliban intensifies, Arab media are pointing the finger at the United States. The Obama Administration does not understand Pashtun cultural traditions, say the media. It is using force first, just as the Bush administration had done. In fact, the air strikes killing many civilians are actually creating more “Talibanization,” say Arab media. Continue reading

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Reality Check on Imran Khan!

Posted by Malik
Courtesy: Secular Pakistan

Why the West craves materialism & why the East sticks to religion


By Imran Khan  (2002 ARTICLE)

“Science had replaced religion and if something couldn’t be logically proved it did not exist. All supernatural stuff was confined to the movies. Philosophers like Darwin, who with his half-baked theory of evolution had supposedly disproved the creation of men and hence religion, were read and revered.”



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On the Talibanization of Pakistan

by Musawir Ali Shah

About a few days ago, I came across an interesting show on a Pakistani television channel in which the host of the show was interviewing some of the top students from a Karachi college. A variety of questions were posed, mostly regarding education and current affairs, and the students were asked to express their thoughts and voice any concerns that they had. The responses were generally bland, cliches ad nauseam. The typical idealistic jargon of a college student who was more interested in professing his rightful selection for being interviewed than conveying a serious point of view. However, there was one response that has stuck with me and has given me a bit of a bother. The question asked: “What do you think about the recent activities such as the push for implementing absolute Islamic law by these Taliban-types in parts of Pakistan?”. To this, one of the students, a young lady, delivers a vigorous response in defense of the Taliban, which quickly morphed into a defense of Islam. After patiently listening for a few minutes, the puzzled host replies: “You are aware of how these people treat women? They want to shutdown all woman’s schools and prevent them from acquiring an education, the very thing that you are being recognized for here today.”. The student withdrew, wearing a sheepish smile on her face and mumbling a few words of disagreement as she took her seat. Continue reading


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