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Taliban sympathisers and the Swat flogging video

Posted by Raza Rumi

Zubair Torwali has reported from the field and debunked the perverse myths on the flogging video. This is followed by the brave and daring Samar Minallah’s account of the flogging saga and what more proof do Taliban sympathisers want. PTH is carrying these two pieces in solidarity with these two individuals who believe in a progressive and peaceful Pakistan and condemn militancy at great personal risk.

Swat has witnessed many harsh and cruel days. For about two years, it presented a view of Afghanistan during the heyday of the Afghan Taliban. The man who ignited the situation against the state of Pakistan — Sufi Mohammad — was spared (seemingly by design) for about three years. The MMA was then the ruling government in the province. In 2008, a half-hearted operation was launched under the name of Rah-e-Haq but it was evident then that the action being taken against the insurgents was not serious. However, soon the situation became very grave and serious when the hanging of slit-throated and beheaded bodies became a routine, and the Grain Chowk in Mingora became notorious as the ‘Khooni Chowk’. Upon intense pressure from the people of Swat and the media, the government decided to try and settle the issue peacefully. A long deliberation and negotiations were carried out at the start of 2009 to reach a settlement. In the wake of this endeavour, a peace deal was signed with the Taliban in February 2009. Emboldened by the very apparent capitulation on the part of the government, the militants expanded their writ to the nearby districts of Buner and Dir. The people’s reaction to the peace deal was mixed. Some thought it would bring permanent peace to the Valley but there were many who were cynical and thought that the peace deal was carried out on the terms put forward by the militants. They were of the opinion that since the Taliban were non-state actors, they would not comply with the truce. Their apprehensions proved true and the Taliban extended their ‘rule’ beyond Swat. Continue reading



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A retort to Pakistani fascists


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The Video that shook Pakistan

Courtesy The Daily Times

COMMENT: The video that shook Pakistan —Syed Mansoor Hussain

By establishing a bench to look into the matter and demanding production of the victim in the court, the CJ has done the right thing. The unfortunate fact though is that it is extremely unlikely that any branch of the government of Pakistan has the ability or even desire to fulfil the orders of the honourable court Continue reading


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True colours of so called ‘Sharia’ Law – a citizen speaks

image-for-the-postMalik has sent this exclusive contribution for the Pak Tea House.

There are lots of people who come forward to defend or sympathize with Taliban, and defend the SHARIAT Law agreement between Government and EXTREMIST religious fanatics. They, in favor of “peace” agreement put an argument that “Why are we killing our own Muslim brothers?” “Why we are fighting American War? “Why we are serving others’ agenda by killing our own Muslim brothers who are struggling for imposition of Islamic Law in this country?”

Just yesterday, I was unfortunate enough to listen to Imran Khan’s Press conference. Believe me I never expected this from Mr. Imran Khan, he is even worst than Mullahs, those molvis well, they don’t have enough education, BUT Imran Khan, he was supposed to THINK, he was supposed to use his EDUCATION to do something productive in Pakistan instead of just looking for issue after an issue to be in limelight, to befool this nation by using the name of Islam and using this nation’s emotionalism to make himself a “famous” leader. Mr. Imran Khan said that first we are fighting American war, and we are killing our INNOCENT Brothers who are doing nothing wrong, he said we should sit with those religious fanatics and talk with them, accept their demands if they are asking for Shariat imposition because according to Mr. Imran its not a big deal. Continue reading


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“Musheer” Video- when music articulates politics

by Raza Rumi

A group of young firebrand revolutionaries – alas what an alien word it has become these days – has created this fabulous music video. The inspiration is a poem by Habib Jalib called “Musheer” (advisor) that Jalib composed as a satire against Hafiz Jalandari during Ayub Khan’s era. As the man on the guitars, Taimur Rahman says, “It is equally valid today”. 

The vocalist is “comrade” Shahram Azhar and Mrs Rahman is in the background. Of course the trio are activists of the Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party. Taimur Khan helped them produce it. I must say that Shahran’s voice is quite soothing.

At least the Left is not dead in Pakistan – we need plural voices against neo-liberalism for an egalitarian and more just Pakistan. A detailed introduction is below: Continue reading


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Human Rights Watch – hard work on Pakistan

This is a brilliant summary of Human Rights Watch’s reports on Pakistan during the last one year. These are diverse topics that cover the entire range of key issues concerning rights. Pak Tea House would like to acknowledge the hard work that its staff and researchers have undertaken in their tireless advocacy. Most importantly, HRW has been unique in trying to understand Pakistan and its issues from within. And not, as external, patronising monitors but as friends and those who are trying to understand without pre-conceived notions.

Details on these pieces below Continue reading


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