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Understanding Islamic Revival In Its Proper Context

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

 My secular comrades and friends will probably disagree with me or maybe not, and it is nothing less than sacrilege for a self proclaimed secularist like myself to say so,   but the core values of any civilization are drawn from the dominant religio-cultural system.   There are contributory factors from other minority strains but ultimately the way society is organized is around the religio-cultural system the majority of its adherents follow.   So for example,  the Western civilization- as we know it today- has for evolved out of a Judaeo-Christian cultural norms and as it is secularized, it is enriched by other cultural strains but it remains manifestly a product of Judaeo-Christian evolution.  It certainly has strong heritage in Hellenistic past but that itself is expressed through established Christian traditions (for example Christmas which is an adopted Hellenistic holiday),  much like Islam adopted a lot of pre-Islamic Arabian heritage as its own.   Continue reading


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Moving Towards a Global Afghan Taliban Settlement

Stratfor Analysis

January 25, 2010 will be remembered as the day when much of the planet buzzed about diplomatic talks with Afghanistan’s Taliban movement. The chatter comes in the context of a number of conferences that will be held over the course of the next week that focus on dealing with Afghanistan’s jihadist insurgency. The countries being represented at the meetings — including the United States, the Central Asian states, Europe, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, India and China — have a stake in what happens in Afghanistan.

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Islam’s Darwin Problem

By Drake Bennett in the Boston Globe

Three weeks ago, with much fanfare, a team of scientists unveiled the fossil skeleton of Ardi, a 4-foot-tall female primate who lived and died 4.4 million years ago in what is now Ethiopia. According to her discoverers, Ardi – short for Ardipithecus ramidus, her species – is our oldest known ancestor. She predated Lucy, the fossilized Australopithecus afarensis that previously had claimed the title, by 1.2 million years. The papers announcing the find described a transitional specimen, with the long arms and short legs of an ape and strong, grasping big toes suited to life in the trees, but also a pelvis whose shape allowed her to walk upright on the ground below. Continue reading


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Ideological battles in Turkey & Pakistan

Since we are discussing Turkey a lot these days,  I thought I’d share my piece in the News from 2007 which got quoted by Christopher Herbert of the Post Global Power Barometer.
By Yasser Latif Hamdani

Secularists and Kemalists in Turkey have taken to the streets against the ruling Justice and Development Party (Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi or AKP) on grounds that the AKP wants to Islamise the secular republic of Turkey. While AKP in its four years of power has not attempted to bring Islam into the governance of Turkey and has followed a largely secular agenda of improving the economy and human rights to enable the country to enter into the European Union, there is a lot of merit in the argument that the Kemalists are putting forth, when considered in entirety. At the very least, the Kemalist agitation serves as a check on the ruling party to remain committed to its secular agenda and not resort to going beyond its mandate of economic reform. Muslim majority countries all around the world bear witness to the fact that when mainstream and secular parties appease the religious element, the Islamist and theocratic forces enter the constitutional citadel so to speak via a Trojan horse. Continue reading


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Point of view: Turkey and AKP

By M. Yakut

Turkey is, unfortunately, economically bankrupt country. The governing party AKP knows this fact very well and only way to continue with the government is to draw people’s attention to different directions to keep people occupied with the “other world’s” issues.

The mechanism for this for rural part of the country and rural areas is to polish and propagate the regressive Mohammedanism.

In the cities and urban areas is to contimue with the propaganda for regressive Mohammedanism and create imaginary terrorist organizations, military coup plans, paranoid suspicions such as latest “document” case, crying victim, and etc. Continue reading

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A Pakistani’s view of Turkey and the Turks

By Ayesha Ijaz Khan
It is my third trip to Turkey but my first to the Bodrum peninsula in the southwest of the country. Bodrum was first marketed to me in the mid-nineties by a Turkish friend, who described it as a summer retreat for domestic tourists, a Nathiagali of sorts. In the last few years, however, Bodrum has become a popular international holiday destination for Europeans and Americans and several airlines offer direct flights from London to Bodrum.

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Ataturk’s Turkish Republic in Danger

Kemal Ataturk

Kemal Ataturk

Turkey is in the middle of a political crisis that has pitted the Islamic-rooted civilian government against the military, following reports of an alleged move by military leaders to overthrow the government. Ameen Izzadeen, who was in Turkey last week meeting journalists, civil society leaders and political activists, reports on the country’s changing socio-political scenario. Continue reading


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