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Pakistan’s truck art

The beauty of truck art

By Ali Usman

LAHORE: The art of decorating trucks, which is highly popular among truck drivers, can be used to learn much about the trends of various regions and the aesthetics of people of different ethnicities. Often, the art on the truck is a direct reflection of an ideology that the truck driver strongly believes in.

Drivers belonging to different regions and backgrounds decorate their trucks differently, often suggesting a pattern that depicts the culture, rituals and the ground realities of the areas that they belong to. The rear of the truck is often decorated in very vibrant colours and patterns, ranging from hot-pink cone-shaped trees to ancient tribal kings and queens.

The paintings and decoration on a truck can be used to tell which area the truck comes from, an experienced truck artist, Pervaiz, told Daily Times. “Most of the Pakhtun truck drivers demand paintings of sceneries, birds like chakoor and eagles and pictures of leaders like Ayub Khan and Imran Khan,” he said. Pictures of the film star Saima and pictures of Benazir Bhutto had recently become common among truck drivers, however, no current political leaders were being painted, he added. Continue reading


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