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Right Wing Nawai Waqt Group Sells Its Soul To NWFP’s ANP Government

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

The self styled guardian of Pakistan’s ideology,  Nawai Waqt group has showed once again how petty, small minded and corrupt their thinking is.  When Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti refused to visit Mr. Jinnah’s mausoleum,  I thought of it as a grave folly,  partially because  this would give Nawai Waqt Group’s rag “The Nation” under the guidance of ultra nationalist ghairat lobby of the likes of Shireen Mazari,  who otherwise don’t give two hoots about Jinnah,  yet another stick to beat Pakistan’s liberal coalition in power.  Thankfully that did not come to pass. Continue reading


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Shireen Mazari’s “Shoddy” Journalism Condemned!


Thursday, November 12, 2009 (The News)

Journalists lead dangerous lives in Pakistan. They are targeted by the terrorists whose actions they report and by politicians and bureaucrats whose failings and indiscretions they expose. All this is to be expected. What a working journalist may not expect, however, is to be stabbed in the back by one of his own, as has recently happened to Matthew Rosenberg, a journalist working for the Wall Street Journal. Mr Rosenberg has been accused in a local newspaper of having links to the CIA and Mossad and of acting in some undefined way as an agent of Blackwater. As if this were not enough to blight his life and career, he is further accused of having ‘secret’ meetings with Secretary Law and Order FATA Secretariat, Tariq Hayat Khan, and Additional Chief Secretary FATA, Habib Khan. Both are said to have ‘fed’ documents to Mr Rosenberg, thereby implicating them in his alleged espionage activities. The story is based upon information from a nameless source and has no supporting evidence. Mr Rosenberg has had to leave the country and is unlikely to be working here in the foreseeable future. Continue reading


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Jinnah’s New Republic

This extraordinary article is both revealing and farsighted.  Unlike the generally unfavorable press the creation of Pakistan was subjected to by the American and Western Media in 1947 through clever work of pro-Congress and pro-India publicists,   this article went beyond the little cherished myths that were repeated again and again.  The article also is revealing in how much the left was involved in public life in those early days of Pakistan.   This is a must read for every Pakistani and student of Pakistan’s History. -YLH

By Andrew Roth (writing in the US Weekly The Nation Datelined December 13, 1947)

ITS creator and governor general, M. A. Jinnah, has described Pakistan as “the biggest Moslem state… and the fifth biggest sovereign state in the world.” Though the second point might be disputed, Pakistan is unquestionably worthy of attention, for it is situated just where the Anglo-American and Soviet orbits touch in the strategic Central Asian theater.

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