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Going the Wrong Way about Doing the Right Thing

By B. Civilian

The full bench of the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan unanimously declared the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) null and void, ab initio. In view of the unpopularity of the Ordinance, the PPP government had virtually disowned it over the last few weeks. The Federation decided not to defend it in the court, again, regardless of one of its lawyers insinuating that there was a threat to ‘rule of law’ from “CIA and the GHQ” (statements which the lawyer later withdrew as his own rather than his client’s view).

Pakistan is in the process of transitioning from being a military dictatorship to becoming a democracy. It’s a difficult transition for any country, let alone for one which has attempted such a transition at least twice before, without much success. But today Pakistan is waging two definitive wars at the same time – one for democracy and the other against terrorism. The latter is often described as an existential war. We are trying to define ourselves at the same time as we are trying to ‘exist’; survive and prevail over those murdering us on a daily basis. Continue reading



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Pakistan’s Partial War on Terror

The deadly results of cooperation with terrorists.


The past week’s spate of suicide bombings in Pakistan and the siege of its military headquarters are again casting the spotlight on that country’s war on terror. Attention will—and should—focus in particular on Islamabad’s many failures to control militants on its own soil. Continue reading


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Obama won’t Support a Coup in Pakistan


By Tarek Fatah

In the six decades Pakistan has existed as a nation state, no elected civilian government, save one, has been permitted to survive its full term in office. Invariably, the country’s army, often with help from the country’s senior civil servants and a nod from the U.S., has overthrown elected governments.

The pattern of such coups follows a familiar template. It begins with a concerted and well co-ordinated onslaught on the character and integrity of the elected prime minister or president in which the urban elites, including media commentators and retired generals, civil servants and diplomats, take the lead role. Continue reading


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Al Qaeda operatives targeting Pakistani leaders


Al Qaeda has transferred seven operatives from the Iraq theater to target senior Pakistani leaders. The targets of the planned attacks are President Zardari, Prime Minister Gilani, General Kiyani, and other senior military officers, cabinet ministers, and provincial leaders.

The seven operatives, who were behind deadly attacks in Iraq, reportedly met in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Paktia on May 3 to plan the operations, according to a report in the Daily Times. Continue reading

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Pulling Terror’s Teeth In Pakistan

By Ralph Peters

FIGHTING terrorists and insurgents resembles dental care: If you ignore the cavity, it doesn’t get better on its own. The sooner you’re lying back in the chair, the less painful it’s going to be.

Last month, Pakistan finally and belatedly admitted to itself that its terrorist problem had spread so deeply that at least one bad tooth had to be pulled. The military went into the Taliban-occupied Swat Valley in force.

After years of neglect and rot, the apparent determination of Pakistan’s leaders to really take on the terrorists was reassuring. Continue reading

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Take our hand of friendship, India tells Pakistan

* Indian foreign minister says Islamabad must take credible action against terrorists

* Says New Delhi will like to cooperate with Pakistan against terrorism

By Iftikhar Gilani

NEW DELHI: India has extended a hand of friendship to Pakistan through its new foreign minister SM Krishna.

But the foreign minister said that dialogue between the two nuclear neighbours might, however, not be forthcoming unless Islamabad dismantled terrorist camps inside its territory and took a more determined action against terrorist organisations. Continue reading


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Pakistan – Terrorists Aim for Destabilisation, Media Attention

by Beena Sarwar

(IPS) – South Asia seems to be caught in a vortex of violence as the countries that form this region – from Sri Lanka at the southern-most tip, Bangladesh to the east, Nepal crowning the north, Pakistan along the west and India in the middle – deal with internal nightmares that their governments routinely blame on neighbours.

Wednesday’s armed attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in the historic city of Lahore in Pakistan has sent shockwaves through a country already racked by regular suicide and other attacks.

Eight Pakistani policemen died and several were injured saving the Sri Lankan cricketers, six of whom were wounded in the attack.

At the other end of the sub-continent, Bangladesh is still reeling from the shock of a border guards’ mutiny over pay and working conditions, resulting in soldiers massacring over 70 officers, including some of their wives. Continue reading


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