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Iran: overthrow the fundamentalist cabal

Ali Abbas Inayatullah has authored this exclusive post for PTH. We welcome him to this e-zine and hope that he writes more. This rather radical article is a fresh and unconventional analysis of the Iranian crisis. PTH does not agree with all the contents but welcomes pieces that make you think. (Raza Rumi)

After watching the hundreds of thousands of protesters in Iran being dismissed as Westernized toffs from Northern Tehran by Islamist groups and self-declared leftists, one could not initially help wondering at the number of elites in Iran. If one is to take the Islamist critique, than Iran must be a very rich country if it has hundreds of thousands of elites who can turn up to march in the capital square! Surely, for those unfamiliar with Iran’s politics and people, it would be easy to misrepresent the situation.  Furthermore, for those non-Iranians who look upon Iran as the culmination of their Islamist fantasies, it would be imperative to prove that the large scale demonstrations in Iran were nothing more than sour grapes by a limited elite section of the population. Continue reading



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Pak-Iran relations: elections and beyond?

Pak-Iran relations: elections and beyond?

Bradistan Calling

It is an interesting time on the young street of Iran. Youth are expecting a victory against the clergy. The Prague spring is in the air. The cities are green in the colour of change proposed by reformist candidate Mir Hussain Mousuvi. How far this HOPE and CHANGE can go, only time will tell?

PIPFPD: Pakistan -Iran people’s forum for Progress and Democracy

The Pakistani-Indian people to people friendship society with the same initials started its work nearly two decades ago, when the Pak-Indian subcontinent was under dark clouds of war hysteria and animosity. Thinking back, those times seem a century rather than a decade back. Pakistani and Indian actors, musicians, journalists, business people and human rights activists made this venture such a resounding success that the politicians, on both sides, had to follow in their foot steps. Continue reading


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Obituary:Javad Nurbakhsh- A Sufi Soul

A leading Iranian Sufi, he was also a noted psychiatrist, author and medical clinic director

The master of a branch of the Nimatullahi order of Sufism in Iran, Dr Javad Nurbakhsh not only furthered the cause of his religion, but was also one of the country’s leading psychiatrists. When the upheavals of the Iranian revolution in 1979 caused him and many others to emigrate, he continued to organise the practice of Sufism abroad till his death in Britain at the age of 81.

Sufism is the mystical tradition within Islam whose followers – Sufis, or dervishes – espouse a religion of love based on poetry, music, and utilising various esoteric contemplative practices, the most important of which is a type of interior prayer of the heart known as dhikr, practised privately. Sufis consider service to society and one’s fellow man to be the supreme form of worship, so ethics is also very important in Sufi discipline. The Sufi centre for worship, and thus social integration, is the khanaqah, a rather private place that shares some features with the European monastery, where Sufis gather for weekly meetings for meditation, chanting of Sufi poetry, and prayer. Thus it differs from the mosque of mainstream Islam, which, traditionally being state-funded, is often more associated with political authority. Continue reading

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Yaghoub Mehrnahad killed in Iran – Ye Kon Sakhi hein?

Shaheryar Ali

There was a time, a time when there was a fire of freedom in Iran. Such was the intensity of the flame that from India to France, it gave hope to all those who believed in freedom and equality. The workers, youth, artists,woman stood up against the imperialism and its stooges. Those who were the vangaurds of this flame made a deadly mistake. They carried wolves, cloaked in black chadors on their shoulders mistaking them as sheep. When people won, these wolves showed their real face. Those who had built the revolution were killed,cTodeh was banned, Mujaideen e Khalq were exiled. Mehdi Bazargan had to quit.

These chador clad wolves were surrounding the United States embassy on one side and were helping USA kill revolution in Nicaragua on the other side. Merg Bur Israel on one side and buying weapons from Israel on other side.

The greatest revolution of our times was converted into a ruthless dictatorship. A revolution which happened for freedom of expression, forces Abdolkarim Soroush to run away for his life. Where hundreds of professors have been dismissed; where all opposition members have been de-barred from election; where by a single decree, all free news papers were banned. Hundreds of political workers and student activists have been killed or are waiting to killed. This is Iran of Ahmedin Nijad

But I believe in the workers of Iran who are being tortured. I believe in the Tehran University whose students had the courage to mock the dictator. I believe in Shariati that this Kerbala will not go waste. When Shah forces opened fired on students Faiz Ahmad Faiz wrote his famous “Ye Kon Sakhi hein—” Continue reading

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