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Will India Accept Zardari’s Olive Branch?

President Zardari’s Peace formula for india and Pakistan

The PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT under President Zardari started peace initiatives with India taking tentative steps to liberalise Trade and tourism with India. Zardari send delegations comprising of Civil society SAFMA,PIPFPD and HRCP members for back-channel diplomacy with India after 26/11 terrorist attacks.  Zardari’s live webcast (his firstever) with english speaking Internet users in India and coining terms like “we are all half Indian/half Pakistani” was very optimistic. Continue reading


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Imran’s Pakistan: An Alternative View

CRICKET-WC2007-PAK-WOOLMER-KHANBy Yasser Latif Hamdani

Let us first get a few things clear.  I don’t concur with Imran Khan’s views on Darwin, importance of religion, Brown sahibs, Taliban, war on terror,  Jirga justice, Liberal “fascists” etc etc.   His views are frankly an embarrassment considering that the great man went to Oxford and is as well exposed to modernity as anyone else. Continue reading


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A battle of ideologies? more on the Punjab crisis

PTH is posting a rather impassioned viewpoint of Shaheryar Ali on the recent developments in the Punjab. This is in line with our policy of giving space to divergent views on politics and society. Something that the corporate media cannot do. Overall the recent developments do not bode well for democratic development – after all it has only been a year but it seems that our political elites have learnt no lesson from history and even their personal tribulations. Both Zardari and Sharif have suffered over the last decade and their parties were in the wilderness. And, now they cannot resolve their differences. What a shame. It does not matter who is right or wrong – the country gave a split mandate last February and both parties had the obligation to cooperate and perform. It appears that our expectations from the elected leaders were way too many. They remain their old, bickeringselves. (ed. Raza Rumi)

The  Supreme Court of Pakistan has passed a short order on different writ petitions challenging the eligibility of the  Sharif Brothers. The implications of this decision are that Punjab is free from the highly centralized, Punjabi chauvinist and pro Taliban ministry of Mian Shahbaz Sharif. All control has shifted to the secular and progressive governor of Punjab Mr Salman Taseer. Continue reading


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