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Islamic Failure

Pervez Hoodbhoy , Feb 2002. Courtesy Prospect

If the world is to be spared what future historians might call the “century of terror,” we will have to chart a course between US imperial arrogance and Islamic religious fanaticism. Through these waters, we must steer by a distant star toward a democratic, humanistic and secular future. Otherwise, shipwreck is certain. Continue reading


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Swat Taleban find Sharia a challenge

Sharia is turning out to be quite the challenge in Swat it seems.  This just goes to show that there are no short cuts in matters of constitution and legal system. -YLH

From the BBC

By Syed Shoaib Hasan
BBC News, Mingora, Swat

“I am not going to change the decision as it is valid according to Sharia,” says Maulana Ehsan-ur-Rahman softly but adamantly.


Maulana Rahman is a qazi, or judge, in one of the newly appointed Islamic Sharia courts in Pakistan’s troubled district of Swat. Continue reading

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Turning to the Taleban in Pakistan

US raids on Taleban and al-Qaeda targets in Pakistani territory have caused outrage in Pakistan. And that has added to the loathing that some people there have long felt for the way that the US conducts itself on the world stage, as Owen Bennett-Jones discovers.

“I would rather live in the dark ages under the Taleban than be subservient to any foreign power.”

The unexpected comment comes from an urbane, sophisticated and, I had always thought, Westernised Pashtun lawyer.

He wears none of the badges of Islamic piety – a beard, for example – and he normally sports a navy blazer not the local shalwar kameez.

He is a former minister with the Pakistan People’s Party, the most liberal in Pakistan.

Rejecting the West

The word liberal in the Pakistani context means modern, educated, secular rather than theocratic and, up until now at least, pro-Western. Continue reading


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