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The scholar, the sufi, and the fanatic

[This was originally published in DAWN’s blog section and then subsequently also included in the much recommended critical PPP/Let us Build Pakistan site. The link for the latter is http://criticalppp.org/lubp/archives/4072 and for the former is http://blog.dawn.com/2009/12/31/the-scholar-the-sufi-and-the-fanatic/.  The critical PPP site is quite refreshing and has taken on both the naysayers as well as been critical of its own party. Even their news reports are more reliable at times than the mainstream media. In reposting the article, critical PPP has accreditted DAWN. – Ali Abbas]

By Nadeem F. Paracha            Dawn 31st Dec, 2009

Roughly speaking, the political and social aspects of Islam in Pakistan can be seen as existing in and emerging from three distinct sets and clusters of thought. These clusters represent the three variations of political and social Islam that have evolved in this country: modern, popular and conservative. Continue reading


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The Problem with Hizb-ut-Tahrir

By Taimur Rahman

Hizb-ut-Tahrir (HT) claims to be a pan-Islamist sunni organization. It proposes that the enforcement of Khilafah over the world is a solution to the miseries that afflict mankind.

Let us examine the political and economic views of Hizb ul Tehreer. If the politics of the HT is to be put a nutshell, they are reactionaries that want to take Muslim societies back a couple of hundred years. Here are their reactionary views: Continue reading


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Our Sacred Minorities

We are posting here a book review – courtesy Daily Times- which raises some very important points.  Pakistan is a multicultural and multiethnic society but often this is not represented or recognized.   It is therefore important to take a stock of the situation and make amends now for a pluralistic Pakistan starting perhaps with our national flag.  As a successor authority, the completely green flag of the Muslim League was amended and a white part was added to represent the minorities to show Pakistan’s diversity.  Unfortunately that white part has now become representative of exclusion rather than the principle of inclusion which it was to signify. It is high time that we constitutionally adopted the meanings of white and green along the lines that the original mover – Liaqat Ali Khan – suggested i.e. Green for Life,  White for Peace and Crescent and Star for Progress  -YLH

By Khaled Ahmed

The white patch in our flag are the non-Muslims. There was no one in our midst who objected to this separate white patch which means that there is a tacit Muslim acceptance of ‘separation’ of the non-Muslim. Even the Quaid did not protest who should have because he didn’t want people defined, divided or separated on the basis of religion. ‘Separation’ was something in the air after 1947. And the Muslim League flag had to be modified; so why not do it with a white patch? Continue reading


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Is Iran The Islamic State?

By Atif Sallahudin
Iran’s domestic political situation has once again boiled over with demonstrations and bloodshed on the streets of Tehran. Whereas the Presidential election outcome is the overt casus belli, it is also evident from the nature of the confrontations that this situation has simply given vent to the fissures that have been forming in Iranian society. Whilst it remains to be seen how events will play out in the months ahead it is clear that powerful players within the Iranian establishment are facing off against each other whilst seeking to harness the momentum generated by both liberal and conservative factions of Iranian society. The incumbent President Ahmedinejad has the support of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei against his rivals primarily Mir Hossein Mousavi, a former Prime Minister who in turn has the support of former reformist Presidents Khatami and Rafsanjani. Rafsanjani also happens to be the head of the Assembly of Experts which has the power to remove the Supreme leader who is increasingly being drawn into a bitter partisan fight. Continue reading


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Chakwal tragedy: An agenda to destroy Pakistan’s pluralism

Yesterday’s ghastly attack at an Imambargah has again highlighted the agenda of the terror-mongers. They want to eliminate all the minorities, plurality of Pakistani population

DECLAN WALSH reporting from the Guardian in Islamabad Continue reading

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Understanding “Swat Sharia Deal” in Pakistan’s Context

By Irfan Ali Engineer

Taliban is celebrating its victory in the Swat Area after forcing the Pakistan government to agree to implement Sharia jurisprudence in their region. This begs some questions. If Sharia is to apply in Swat, what Law is applicable in the rest of Pakistan which proclaims itself an Islamic State? Most Indians believe Pakistan is a theocratic state. Zia-ul-Haq, the late military dictator, ensured that. But now we learn that the Sharia did not apply in Pakistan because it is being enforced through a special treaty and that too in a limited geographical space. Continue reading


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Casteism: alive and well in Pakistan

Raza Rumi writing for The Friday Times, Pakistan (current issue)

It is a cliché now to say that Pakistan is a country in transition – on a highway to somewhere. The direction remains unclear but the speed of transformation is visibly defying its traditionally overbearing, and now cracking postcolonial state. Globalisation, the communications revolution and a growing middle class have altered the contours of a society beset by the baggage and layers of confusing history. Continue reading


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