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Pakistan religious schools get scrutiny

The madrasas, schools that teach the Koran and little else, are suspected of nurturing extremism. Under U.S. pressure, the Pakistan government has pledged to reform the system.

By Mark Magnier

Reporting from Akora Khattak, Pakistan — The Darul Uloom Haqqania campus is a sprawling labyrinth of ashen buildings where young men in black beards and white skullcaps spend their days and nights on hard concrete floors learning all 77,701 words of the Koran. Some people call it the University of Jihad. Continue reading


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National Campaign formed.

On Saturday 9th May, people from across the UK met in Longsight, Manchester and formed a national campaign called ‘Justice for the North West 10’.

The meeting was addressed on mobile phone by three families of the students from disparate areas of Pakistan. They expressed support for the campaign and have been mobilizing their own campaign in Pakistan. The meeting was also addressed by legal representatives of the students and other innocent victims of the Terrorism Act. Continue reading


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On the Talibanization of Pakistan

by Musawir Ali Shah

About a few days ago, I came across an interesting show on a Pakistani television channel in which the host of the show was interviewing some of the top students from a Karachi college. A variety of questions were posed, mostly regarding education and current affairs, and the students were asked to express their thoughts and voice any concerns that they had. The responses were generally bland, cliches ad nauseam. The typical idealistic jargon of a college student who was more interested in professing his rightful selection for being interviewed than conveying a serious point of view. However, there was one response that has stuck with me and has given me a bit of a bother. The question asked: “What do you think about the recent activities such as the push for implementing absolute Islamic law by these Taliban-types in parts of Pakistan?”. To this, one of the students, a young lady, delivers a vigorous response in defense of the Taliban, which quickly morphed into a defense of Islam. After patiently listening for a few minutes, the puzzled host replies: “You are aware of how these people treat women? They want to shutdown all woman’s schools and prevent them from acquiring an education, the very thing that you are being recognized for here today.”. The student withdrew, wearing a sheepish smile on her face and mumbling a few words of disagreement as she took her seat. Continue reading


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Pakistan: Is this what the struggle is all about?

by temporal

Is this what the struggle is all about? Who will uphold the law in tomorrow’s Pakistan?

In the Toronto Star today a picture appeared under the heading Lawyers Protest in Pakistan. It showed a black coated angry lawyer stomping over the hood of a police car. Continue reading


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