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The Sre Vala Killings

The weekend killings of scores of villagers in Sre Vala shows the dark side of the war, where up to 75 innocent Pakistani villagers were mistakenly killed.

War is an ugly phenomenon, and as much as we despise the loss of innocent lives, unintentional civilian casualties do happen. Yet limiting the civilian bystander casualties to the minimum is what will define the success or failure of the operation being waged by the Pakistan Army. The war will be won less with the boots and more with the realization that what Pakistan offers is a far superior alternative to the nihilistic Jihadis that were planning to conquer Pakistan. In the Khyber bombings, 75 innocents died due to a massive intelligence failure. Families and children died when the army that they support, dropped bombs on their own homes. We condemn this utter and senseless loss of innocent lives. Pakistan Army must fully investigate this incident, and take appropriate measures to ensure that the mistake does not happen again. As Daily Dawn editorial below says “Damage control alone cannot suffice”.

Below, we are reproducing the Daily Dawn editorial condemning these killings, as well as the detailed report of the killings published in the New York Times.


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