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Soviet Lessons from Afghanistan


Published: February 4, 2010

Cross Post from The New York Times


Afghanistan is in turmoil, with tensions rising and people dying every day. Many of them — including women, children and the elderly — have nothing in common with terrorists or militants.

The government is losing control of its territory: of the 34 provinces, the Taliban controls a dozen. The production and export of narcotics is growing. There is a real danger of destabilization extending to neighboring countries, including the republics of Central Asia as well as Pakistan.

What began after Sept. 11, 2001, as a seemingly appropriate military response aimed at rooting out terrorism could end in a major strategic failure.

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From Russia with Love: Main Ney Russia Mee kya Dekha

Bradistan Calling

When Pakistan came into existence in 1947, Russia was known as the Godless Empire of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics under brutal dictator Joseph Stalin. This inherent difference in ideologies resulted in tensions from the very start, but the refusal of the first prime minister of Pakistan to accept the cordial invitation of the Soviet leadership to visit USSR started the full scale Cold War. The rest, as they say, is history.

Pakistan decided to accept the invitation of United States of America (the head of ‘Free’ Capitalist and Godly world).Pakistan joined anti-communist military pacts and gave its logistic support for Korean War in 1950s.Despite the unwavering loyalty of Pakistani military and landlord elite, USA refused to provide military assistance and spare parts during 1965 Kashmir war with India. The Pakistani dictator of the time was madly in love with USA, titling his ghost written biography, ‘Friends not Masters’. Continue reading


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Islamic Failure

Pervez Hoodbhoy , Feb 2002. Courtesy Prospect

If the world is to be spared what future historians might call the “century of terror,” we will have to chart a course between US imperial arrogance and Islamic religious fanaticism. Through these waters, we must steer by a distant star toward a democratic, humanistic and secular future. Otherwise, shipwreck is certain. Continue reading


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30+ Worshippers martyred in Imam Bargah in Chakwal

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

In an attack that was apparently sectarian in nature,  30+ people were killed in suicide bombing in the once peaceful Chakwal District of Punjab.  

Pakistan’s very existence is now on the brink.  Will we continue to look for scapegoats or will we now take stock of the situation.  The Frankenstein monster created by our government  to fight Soviet Union in form of Afghan Jehad and its local Sipah Sahaba variant which was created to counter the Shiite Islamic Republic in our neighborhood in 1980s has now pinned us down. Continue reading


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How we helped create the Afghan crisis

By Stephen Kinzer

WITH THE United States facing a terrifying set of challenges in Pakistan and Afghanistan, this is an opportune moment to look back at how the United States itself helped create the crisis. It is an all-too-familiar tale of the behemoth lashing out in ways that seem emotionally satisfying and even successful at first, but that in the end decisively weaken its own security. Continue reading

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For Salima Hashmi: Arts and Revolution

by Shaheryar Ali

The independence of art — for the revolution.

The revolution — for the complete liberation of art!” Continue reading


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