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Do not mistake my silence..

Do not mistake my silence.. I am an Ahmadhi but I am not a coward!

by Farhat Mahmood

On  May 28th 2010,  I was discussing the events of the day with my husband. In the discussion I brought up a point which I thought was minor in relation to the loss of life, but I wondered how long it would take to cleanup and rebuild the two mosques that were attacked.  I was quickly encouraged by my husband that “We are Ahmadhi  Muslims and there will inshallah be Juma prayers in the same place the very next Juma”. Later I learned that on the very evening of the attack, Isha prayers were held in that very mosques’ courtyard. Imagine the determination and courage of these survivors, who were praying  on the very spot where  a couple of hours ago, they had witnessed horrors beyond belief, and the place that was still flooded with the fresh blood of their fathers, their sons, and their brothers..  This is a tall order for any human being.  With this zeal, the cleanup effort was completed of the mosques, within a couple of days by the community, and the mosques have been brimming with worshipers ever since, more so than before. People have told me that you may only find a few bullet holes if you look carefully, to even see any evidence of that tragic day. The evidence is only left on our hearts. Continue reading


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