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Miri or Piri.Reclaiming Punjabi Identity

The Miri(Warrior) or the Piri(Saint), Reclaiming the Punjabi Identity:

Bradistan Calling

The Sikh religion is based on three important pillar The Guru (Teacher), The Garanth(Holy Book) and the Khalsa (Brotherhood of the Pure).It all seems so familiar because of similarity with the religion of Islam. Nowadays one cannot objectively analyse Islam, without provoking Fatwa of One kind or the other. The debate, discussion and Ijtehad (innovation and development) have effectively been killed in the Muslim world. If you make Peaceful Reformation Impossible, you make Bloody Revolution Inevitable. Continue reading


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Sikhs, Baisakhi and Gurmukhi

Sikhs from all over the world visit Pakistan every year in large numbers.  This year this number experienced a sharp decline by 95%.   Yet another great victory for those rag tag crooks, cranks and mad men who want to crush Pakistan economically and socially ! Continue reading

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