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Who’s afraid of Sherry Rehman?

Raza Rumi

Express Tribune: It has been rather disturbing to witness the way Sherry Rehman has been the latest target of the purists within the ruling PPP. For years, Sherry has represented the intellectual vigour within her party. From drafting of manifestoes to holding the important portfolios, she has been an articulate defender of the PPP and its government. Her decision to resign in the wake of the judges’ saga and media handling of the 2009 Lahore-Gujranwala Long March was a matter of democratic choice.

After her resignation, she did not defame her party leadership and continued to demonstrate her loyalty. She is now a victim of an unwise ban on PPP leaders and legislators preventing them from appearing on a particular television channel. Worse, she has been lumped with the other dissenters — Naheed Khan and Safdar Abbasi — whose politics is altogether different. Continue reading


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Segregation and Purges: An open Letter to Sherry Rehman

We are publishing this open letter by Shaheryar Ali on the plight of these students who happened to be born in the ‘wrong’ families. As Pakistanis, the Constitution and the laws of the land guarantee equal rights to these students; and there is nothing that can prevent them to attend schools and colleges. If anything, the mob mentality and unruly hordes of puritan brigades need to be contained. They are eating into the body politic – who needs external enemies when divisive forces are all set to unravel the Pakistani society – (RR-ed)


Ms. Sherry Rehman

Federal Minister of Information and Health

Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Dear madam minister, Ill like to draw your attention to the alarming situation which is developing in the Industrial hub of Pakistan. According to the reports published in the BBC Urdu website, the Punjab Medical College , Faisalabad has expelled  all its  Ahmedi Students. A total of 15 boys and girls have been expelled from the college, they were studying in different levels ranging from first year to those at the end of their academic carrier in the final year. Continue reading


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