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Shame On You Chief Minister Hoti!

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

ANP’s NWFP government is fighting the onslaught of terror and even those who disagree with its politics and its past  have rallied behind it all over Pakistan.   We at PTH support all steps in the right direction  and therefore this morning I wrote an article welcoming ANP’s suggestion of changing Pakistan’s name.  Democratic politics requires old configurations, compromises and coalitions re-align themselves along new political realities.   Alas I knew that it was too good to be true and by evening ANP sparked off a divisive controversey of a very different nature which revealed the true pettiness of this party and its politicians. Continue reading



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History through Women’s Voices

Pakistani women agitator asks for abolition of women's wings

Pakistani women agitator asks for abolition of women's wings

From Morung Express

By Pippa Virdee 
A generation of Pakistani women striving to affirm their rights in the public sphere can draw on a rich history to which education is central
Many of the conflicts and crises that today affect Pakistan seem to have the experience of women at their heart. The images of the punitive flogging of a young woman in the newly Talibanised region of Swat are but one especially vivid symbol of the degrading treatment that women can face. Yet such depictions can also mislead, in that the history of the lands that became Pakistan also contain many examples of women’s participation in civic and public life in search of their own and their country’s betterment. Continue reading

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