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Diya – a Hero’s Daughter

Text & Photos by Fauzia Minallah


 Diya with her father Pervez Masih’s photograph

Diya is only three, she is lost and has many questions about her father Pervez Masih. Pervez was a janitor at the International Islamic University. On the fateful day when IIU was attacked by suicide bombers, he was the hero who stopped the terrorist from entering the cafeteria for female students. Pervez lost his life, while saving the lives of more than 300 students. Continue reading


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Government designates 8/11 as “Pakistan Minorities’ Day”

We at PTH hail this as a very positive development and hopes to see more such endeavors from the sitting government.   Much more important than always parroting “Quaid-e-Azam Quaid-e-Azam” is to put in practice Mr. Jinnah’s liberal vision for Pakistan.  Well done PPP.  Jinnah’s Pakistan Zindabad!  -YLH

 Minorities day will be observed across the country on August 11 to highlight the vision of founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Mahomed Ali Jinnah’s vision of a progressive, enlightened and moderate Pakistan.

This was decided by the leadership of religious minorities at a national consultation on the problems facing the minorities in the country held under the aegis of the Ministry of Minorities here on Monday. Continue reading


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A Non-Muslim Appraisal of Islamic Sharia

By Dost Mittar

A few days back, I read in an Urdu newspaper a report by a journalist of his encounter with a father-son Sikh duo displaced from Swat and staying in an Internally Displaced Persons’ camp. The Sikhs said that they had no problem with the Nizam-e-Adal based on Islamic Sharia; the elder Sikh was particularlyenthusiastic about its application as he had seen it in action during the regime of the Wali of Swat and was quite satisfied with it. Continue reading


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1953 and 1974-like situation being created again by the Right Wing

title-thumb     Yasser Latif Hamdani

In 1953, Khawaja Nazimuddin’s Muslim League Government at the center was brought down after sufficient unrest was created by Majlis-e-Ahrar (a party which had opposed the creation of Pakistan tooth and nail) calling itself  “Majlis-e-Amal” as part of the grand “Anti-Ahmaddiya” riots.  The whole scheme was secretly backed by Punjab CM Mumtaz Daultana who wanted to get rid of the soft-spoken Khawaja Nazimuddin from East Pakistan.     Their main demands were that Ahmadis be declared Non-muslim and Pakistan’s foreign minister Zafrullah Khan (an old associate of Jinnah and one of the authors of the Lahore Resolution) be fired.   That Zafrullah was the leading voice for Palestine and other Afro-Asian independence movements at the UN added another foreign angle to this. Continue reading


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Chakwal tragedy: An agenda to destroy Pakistan’s pluralism

Yesterday’s ghastly attack at an Imambargah has again highlighted the agenda of the terror-mongers. They want to eliminate all the minorities, plurality of Pakistani population

DECLAN WALSH reporting from the Guardian in Islamabad Continue reading

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Minorities’ Demands and the Government

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

It is a step in the right direction that minorities’ quota is being restored and August 11 will be celebrated as the “Minorities Day” but not nearly enough.    For one thing it may be remembered that in Pakistan’s initial days the quota of 5% was for Scheduled Caste Hindus alone.   Secondly Pakistan is notorious for under-reporting religious minorities.  If the various Catholic groups are to be believed,  Pakistan’s Catholic population alone is somewhere in the range 8-10 million.  10% would be a fair calculation for minorities for the time being and therefore as a first step the quota should be around 10%. Continue reading


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