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An alternative view – “Don’t get fooled”

AN alternative view of the recent historical judgement by the Supreme Court of Pakistan:

Pakistan is a country where the Supreme Court building was attacked by hundreds of activists of a ruling political party. Judges ran for their lives and requested the military to intervene, which declined. The man behind this unique display of democracy in action, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, was never punished. He went on later to hijack a plane carrying the army chief. Today, he is considered a champion of independent judiciary. We have a president and political party in Karachi cleared of blatant charges of accumulating unexplained wealth and running armed militias. The best part is that 14 judges aggrieved by a former president want to try him. This is a messed up system that needs to be corrected.

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Pakistani media continues to glorify Islamo-fascism

by Abbas Zaidi

On 17 April the entire electronic media brought Abdul Aziz to every household of Pakistan. He was shown coming from an inner room of the notorious Lal Mosque into the prayer hall where he led the Friday prayer as he used to do till he was arrested on terrorism charges in 2007. He was set free on the evening of 16 April which the media beamed across the country as “Breaking News”. After he came out of the jail and settled down into a jeep, he gave a brief interview in which he ominously said, “Pakistan was created in the name of Islam but due to non-implementation of the Islamic sections and law and justice a tension is spreading in religious circles”. Before leaving, Abdul Aziz eulogized the Taliban takeover of Swat and the imposition of Nizam-e-Adal (System of Justice) there. He concluded his interview by saying that the Nizam-e-Adal should be imposed in every part of Pakistan. Continue reading


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Lal Masjid Appeals!

Id has contributed this moving poem for the Pak Tea House.

Lal Masjid Appeals!

Will you raze me to the ground?Send shrapnel through my body

in which you reverence found?

Willfully violate my sacred soul

raging rivers of brethren blood;

to let insanity take its toll?

Where do those heart reside

that once flowed fulsome faith?

What prompts those tongues

to desecrate a divine domain?

Who so historically myopic

to not let past prevent?

When will you learn?

It’s not me you destroy or defend!

It’s the hidden human within

that seeks but self credence.

Posted by Id it is at 7/09/2007 12:51:00 PM


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