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50 Years Of Islamabad 1960-2010 : Capital Crown

Adnan Rehmat writes in The News

 Taking a close look at a city is like reading the hopes, aspirations and pride of everyone who built it. Take a close look at Islamabad in all its pompous perplexity and clinical contradictions and not much popular ownership is apparent. Not that it prevents it from boasting a large number of peculiar characteristics even though these never show up in tourist brochures. It is, for instance, the ‘newest’ proper city in the country, the ‘newest’ city of Pakistan with a population of a million or more (the eighth in the country now) and even the ‘newest’ city in Asia that is also the capital of a country. Cynics could also emphasise Islamabad is the newest capital of Pakistan! (Karachi was the last, remember, anyone?) And, in this fact, emerges a side to the city that is debated little. Continue reading

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My Boy Jonaid : A Father’s Lament


(First published right here on Pak Tea House)

 Capt. Jonaid Khan: Special Services Group in the Pakistan army was born in Quetta in 1983, with his primary education in Ankara, where his father Prof. Ayaz Ahmad Khan was stationed on deputation in the Pakistan Mission, Ankara. He was abducted by Taliban on April 19, 2009 and said to be martyred on May 10th 2009.

  I met Prof. Ayaz Ahmad Khan at Saint Mary’s College in Rawalpindi.  He was sitting in a modest office, inquiring about costs he had to approve for the college which is run for those students who fall through the cracks. This was 100km from where his son, Capt. Jonaid Khan, died 2 months ago, in Swat. Continue reading


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And yet another suicide bomb attack…

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

On a day of celebration for Pakistan’s great victory,   our country faces yet another suicide attack.   As many as 12 people,  mostly poor people taking the local transport back to their homes,   were killed in a huge blast.    Other than the 7 dead bodies as many as 6 bags of just human remains have been taken from the scene.   Many of those dead are from Imran Khan’s political party. Continue reading


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Pakistani Student sets a World Record in A-Levels

Mr. Ali Nawazish of Rawalpindi has broken a world record by passing 23 A-levels in subjects including pure mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Sociology.

The 18 year old received 21 A grades and a B and a C, and will be a part of the Guinness Book of World Records.

He has opted to study Computer Science at Cambridge University.

He studied at Rawalpindi’s Roots College International. Continue reading


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Historical Rawat Fort needs preservation

Faisal Kamal Pasha’s report

Rawalpindi: Being a trade route and a way towards their final destination of the conquerors from Central Asia that was the throne of Dehli, Pothohar region bears its historical and strategic importance and that is why the conquerors built forts here in this region to consolidate their positions.

The information displayed at Rawat Fort’s by archaeology department reveals that it was built in early 15th century by Salteen-e-Dehli. However there are some contradictions about the historical background of this fort.

According to some historians, the fort was built by Sultan Masood, son of Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi in 1036 AD while some other books of history reveal that Sarang Khan, the leader of Gakhar tribes in Pothohar, built the fort. Continue reading

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Shehr-i-Qatl ke log (People of this Murderous City) – a tribute to S Benazir Bhutto

Alam kay iss jazeeray mein
Jahan sab per ujar gaye
Aur saari musafitan be-nishaan ho gayee
Teri tasveer neechay gulab mehaktay hain
Ham, teray qaatil, teray qasoorwar
Doshee thehray Continue reading


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