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Basic structure Theory And Our Constitutional Crisis

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

H M Seervai’s basic structure theory has come alive once again in Pakistan with the new deadlock on the judicial commission.

Lawyers opposing the move are of the view that the proposed commission is violative of the basic structure of Pakistan. Supreme Court in its infinite wisdom laid down that Pakistani constitution has a basic structure comprising the following: Continue reading


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Who Is Qazi Anwar?

Qazi Anwar is an ANP Stalwart!


I write as a confirmed middle classia who has voted in two general elections for two different losing PPP candidates.

Something interesting happened today. Something shocked me greatly- so much that I shot up and rubbed my eyes to see whether I was asleep. But before I come to it let me give you the context.

Eversince the PPP got into an alliance with its historical foe ANP from NWFP, we have seen the emergence of a new kind of a self styled PPP worker. This PPP worker is virtually indistinguishable from an ANP worker on certain key stances which are: Continue reading


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