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Case For New Provinces

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

April 16, 2010 Karachi: The ongoing violence in Hazara has made most Pakistanis sit up and take notice of the issue of naming a province.

The violence underscores the need for revisiting some fundamentals of the third republic in Pakistan. When the Republic of Texas joined the US in the 19th century it had the right to divide itself into 5 smaller states allowing the state to have 10 senators instead of 2 in the US upper house but this option was never seriously considered till recently. Continue reading



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Highlights of the 18th Constitutional Amendment

Posted by Raza Rumi

* Amendment to Article 6 seeks to pre-empt military coups in future
* Article 58(2b) to be repealed, substituted with ‘Dissolution of National Assembly’
* President may dissolve NA in case no-confidence vote passed against PM
* Total strength of cabinet should not exceed 11% of total membership of parliament
* Governor should be a resident and registered voter of his/her province, he/she would be appointed by president on prime minister’s advice
* Provinces required by law to establish local government systems, devolve political, administrative and financial responsibility and authority to elected representatives
* PM to be chairperson of CCI, members to include CMs, 3 members from federal govt
* Amendment to Article 157 says federal government must consult provincial government before installing hydroelectric power stations in any province
* PM to forward three names for office of CEC, in consultation with opposition leader in National Assembly, to a parliamentary committee for confirmation
* Committee proposes insertion of Article 175(a) to deal with appointment of judges to Supreme Court, high courts, Federal Shariat Court
* Committee proposes substitution of Article 243, says federal government ‘shall have control and command of armed forces, supreme command of armed forces shall [rest with] … president’
* President to appoint Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee chairman, chief of army staff, chief of naval staff, chief of air staff
* NWFP will be renamed ‘Khyber-Pakhtoonkhawah’
* State will provide free, compulsory education to children aged between 5 and 16 years Continue reading


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Provinces and Pakistan

By Shahid Hamid

Given that the creation of new provinces any time soon is not a viable option, Parliament should proceed with all due speed to devolve further powers from the Federation to the Provinces by deleting the Concurrent List of 47 subjects or at least most of this List

The issue of new provinces and provincial autonomy was also crucial and the 1973 Constitution originally envisaged these scenarios.

For instance, Article 1 of the 1973 Constitution envisaged the possible return of East Pakistan on vacation of Indian aggression. The enabling provision in this behalf was done away with by the First Amendment to the Constitution in 1974.

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Why dividing Punjab is not the answer!

We at  support creation of more provinces, whether on linguistic or adminstrative basis.  However we are posting here an alternative point of view-PTH

It only took a press conference of Durrani, the former information minister, when he announced to lobby for a separate Bahawalpur province, to set in motion an argument on having more provinces. Should we have more provinces? Should we divide Punjab? Is this the right time to even float this idea? The questions started pouring in. PML-N snubbed back terming it a conspiracy of PPP to weaken the hold of Nawaz Sharif in Punjab. Although a few dispersive elements within these two major parties have announced their support for a separate Seraiki province, no conclusive debate has taken place within the party ranks or in the assembly. Continue reading


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Pakistan’s Federalism


Why the division of Punjab alone should be a topic of national debate? The long due reform of Pakistan’s federal politics is an urgent need and this is a time to act

By Raza Rumi

The elites drunk on the status quo have expressed two major reactions to the proposal of creating another province within the mighty Punjab. First that this is akin to opening a Pandora’s box when we are at war against terrorism. Second, that this is a planted controversy whereby the ruling PPP wants to harm the house of Raiwind; or a conspiracy by those who want to destabilise Pakistan’s political system. Continue reading


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Reported Crimes in Pakistan

Some interesting data analysis here

Given the recent bombings in Pakistan, it may be worth asking whether these are “special events” or indicators of a general upsurge in violence.

Here are 4 pictures showing what has happened to reported crime rates and the number of police stations in Pakistan between 1997 and 2006. The red line in each shows the year that Musharraf came to power. All crime as well as murder, attempted murder and kidnapping declined till 2001. Since then, they all started rising and increased particularly fast after 2003. The picture on the bottom right shows the increase in police stations in the four main provinces—Punjab, NWFP, Sindh and Balochistan; the number is normalized to 100 for each province in 1999. There is little or no increase in the first three, but in Balochistan the total number of police stations increased by 62 percent…

The pictures are all sourced from data presented in the Pakistan Statistical Yearbook, 2006, linked here.

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