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Media, Morality And Us


This is a short blog to condemn Aaj TV and other such media outlets which play on our middle class’ confused morality for viewership. Switching channels, I came across a sick new TV show called “Target” by Aaj Tv.

It targets mini-cinemas, internet cafes and other places that lower middle class and piss poor pay 20 rupees for cheap entertainment. The anchor- a typical buffoon- is found running with no less than 2 dozen armed policemen chasing poor and hapless laborers and what not escaping some of these mini-cinemas.

I wonder why the poor always get targetted by such TV station. Well because these people can’t fight back. One can count half a dozen different fundamental rights that the anchor and the policemen who aid him violate in the process of this imbecilic show. These people are manhandled and slapped around and also shown on TV.

The police ought to be keeping law and order and that does not mean oppressing people and stopping them from having a good time. Pakistan’s law does not allow for arbitrary morality policing. Sanctity and privacy – believe it or not- are fundamental rights. Instead a warped interpretation and twist on “thou shall stop evil and enjoin good” has become prevalent in society. It feeds losers and third rate wannabes who then appear on TV and play on the middle class’ morality as well curiosity.

Don’t we have bigger problems? Terrorists are blowing up left right and center and we are concerned about whether people are watching porn or as the show refers to it “fahashi”? More than the stupid TV channel that is promoting this nonsense one wonders what our police and their superiors are thinking allowing such control freakery and waste of tax payer money. Did it occur to them that their time could be better spent protecting our life, liberty and property- something they are paid to do?



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Ramzan and Capitalism

by Taimur Rahman

Ramzan is supposed to be a month where one is supposed to abstain from the material and other pleasures of the world. It is a month when we are supposed to find out what it feels like to have little or nothing. Those who have plenty are supposed to know what it feels like to have nothing. The rich are supposed to give alms to the poor. The general feeling one gets is that it should be a period when the rich abstain from consumption and help the poor. Continue reading


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Mumbai: Behind the attacks lies a story of youth twisted by hate

Comments are invited on this piece published by the Guardian.

The intense poverty and extreme religious culture of the southern Punjab have made the region a hotbed for Islamist terror groups. It is, claim the Indian media, the seedbed of last week’s slaughter in Mumbai. Jason Burke travelled to the twin towns of Bahawalpur and Multan, home of alleged killer Mohammad Ajmal Mohammad Amin Kasab, to discover what impels young men to unleash carnage

The pitted roads around Multan, the city of saints, stretch flat across the fields. They lead past rundown factories, workshops, shabby roadside teashops and mile after mile of flat fields broken only by the mud and brick houses of the villages of Pakistan’s rural poor. One road leads south-east to the nearby city of Bahawalpur, the biggest recruiting base of the militant groups currently being blamed by India for the Mumbai attack; another leads north-west to Faridkot, the home village of Mohammad Ajmal Mohammad Amin Kasab, a 21-year-old Pakistan national named yesterday in the Indian media as the only gunman involved in last week’s atrocity now alive and in custody.

Already a picture claimed by the Indian media to be Kasab, showing a young man dressed in combat trousers, carrying a backpack and an AK47, on his way to to Mumbai’s main station to carry out his deadly work, has become an iconic image of the assault on the city. Continue reading

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The neglected landless of Pakistan

The neglected landless

Dr. Zafar Altaf

Pakistan has as much as 44 percent landless in the country and the number is growing because the ability of the agriculture sector to absorb them in gainful employment is limited. Percentage terms create an illusion that is not necessary and, therefore, I will be discussing absolute numbers. The number of landless by provinces would indicate where poverty is rampant and where the numbers are less. But that by itself may not be correct because the number of landless may be indicated as not so severe in Balochistan whereas the fact is that it is the most seriously affected province and the severely handicapped province has been made to suffer even more because the current fight against terror has severely affected the trading possibilities that were present in the province.

I always maintained that Quetta area was and is where success of capitalism is visible. Government officials used to talk of smuggling and I used to talk of free trade. Quetta serves as a prime example of faulty man-made policies, a fetish to try and control every aspect of human life. This attitude emanates from the colonialist era when their colonial masters tyrannised the subcontinent subjects. Continue reading

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From Karachi: Cities for Cars or People?

by Arif Pervaiz

You don’t need to be an urban planner to figure out that our cities are socially and environmentally unsustainable. At the heart of our urban mess is a paradigm which is geared towards making a city suitable for cars rather than people. Continue reading


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Pakistan protests: Is it people’s politics?

Pakistan’s pressing issues require much more than return to another set of ruling elites who just don’t wear uniforms! Continue reading


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