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Govt should do more

Bilal Qureshi

I have noticed strange things in Pakistan during my recent stay there, but two things stand out for me. One, it is the unbelievably weird ability of Pakistanis to connect every bad thing to American and how America with Israel and India is relentlessly trying to destroy Pakistan, but Pakistan is surviving against all odds.

Second, it is the unusual talent of Pakistanis to ask the government to solve all there problems, do more, and more and more, without being specific. For example, prices of daily commodities go up, and the people start repeating the same thing: government should bring down the prices Continue reading



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The Shanaakht Fiasco



{I started writing this post before the [heart]Breaking News of the cancellation of the festival hit me. Despite my criticism of some of it’s flaws, I think that nurturing it would, over time, have had it evolve into something more sensible and sensitive. The closing down bodes badly for art and many other activities … but the organizers were left with no options, given the to-ing & fro-ing of the PPP and governmental commitments.}
The incident at CAP’s Shanakht Festival yesterday should convince people that all 17 crore hearts do not beat as one all the time. Oh, of course they do, sometimes. But NOT when an identity is being forced, instead of being allowed to develop. Continue reading


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All What I have

This poem is my little effort to remember our country Pakistan and all what has been given to us as a gift. We must not treat this country and our people as charity, but like a gift….

It is all what I have,
My soul and my existence
Imprinted and embedded
In these lines, drawn and felt
In this star and crescent

Long are those trails and hidden
Stories of my ancestors
Some in me and some in graves
In its lap, intoxicated in its slumber
My old remains, my ancestors
Years it takes to build this oasis
Which we all call home and our place
So easy to destroy its soul,
In a moment of frenzy and forgetfulness

In search of all those tracks,
As I travel back in time
In search of faces, I never saw
In search of words, I never heard
It is all what I have, from memory
Of my past, and of my present
It is all what I have, my country

Questions are often asked
Doubts are often raised
In persistence and in honesty
For progression and for adventure
Into the world, which they never saw
Our ancestors, our sacrifices

But still remains, the old passion
In me and in you, and in us all
It is all what I have, so little
In words and from memory
And in you, my Pakistan
Our existence and our souls
The ode to the beautiful sacrifice
Of our ancestors and of our dreams!


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The Cancer of the Conquered

By Mozaffar

When a people begin to believe they have been defeated they have entered a bottomless pit. They continue and continue and continue to live in defeat. It is a cycle that can cripple a people not for a year, not for a century, but for a millennium.

Thus we look at so many communities across the globe. These communities celebrate a distant, idyllic past, a past fueled with great heroes and accomplishments. They celebrate a past without which — they claim — today would not be today. And, these claims of the greatness of the past are to somehow bring these people on the same level as the conquerors of today.

Not to be.

That celebration of the past is fuel. It is fuel for the vicious circle of defeatism. It perpetuates a longing for something that never existed as a hope for a future that is not there or theirs. It is also an excuse, an excuse to continue this life of grief. Continue reading

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Only a democratic Pakistan can win the battle against global terrorism


by Yasser Latif Hamdani

The battle against global terrorism will be fought and won by the people of Pakistan. Continue reading


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For Salima Hashmi: Arts and Revolution

by Shaheryar Ali

The independence of art — for the revolution.

The revolution — for the complete liberation of art!” Continue reading


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Pakistan protests: Is it people’s politics?

Pakistan’s pressing issues require much more than return to another set of ruling elites who just don’t wear uniforms! Continue reading


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