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Joint Statement or Joint Foolishness?

It seems that the joint statement itself has become a subject of scandal.  This is nothing but pettiness.   Here is Daily Times’ report on it:

India-Pakistan diplomatic duel on joint statement

* Pakistani diplomat says document ‘balanced statement addressing real issues’
* Indian diplomat stresses meeting only talked about ‘limited’ dialogue process
* Contends India has nothing to do with Balochistan Continue reading


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Unwelcome in Karachi, unable to return

Ali Arqam Durrani

Swat Peace treaty is condemned by the PTH visitors and many of them are amazed with the behaviour of the people living there.But someone should ask the migrants of their pain and agony.When fanatics were beheading policemen and FC sepoys, the Army personnel did not fight. Fanatics were targeting political workers from ANP. Was there any other option left. Now in Karachi ethnic bloodbath is on the cards. Amid the rhetoric, the victims i.e The IDP’s have no way home and are unwelcome everywhere…

By Qurat ul ain Siddiqui 

KARACHI: ‘I am not at ease here,’ admits Mohammad Salaar, surveying the bustle and traffic at Safora Chowk in Karachi’s Gulistan-i-Jauhar area. ‘The political culture of the city is unfavourable for displaced families like mine which didn’t opt to stay at a refugee camp.’ Continue reading

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