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Dr. Anwar Syed

A group of Muslims, professedly incensed and enraged over the alleged desecration of the Quran, killed seven Christians in Gojra in Punjab. The allegation may not have been valid.

It is possible that the victims and their killers had been involved in a local quarrel. It is also possible that the victims were targeted simply because they were non-Muslim. The following presentation is based on this latter premise. Continue reading


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Savagery Against Pakistani Minorities

By Liaqat Merchant

Grief over the recent savagery and loss of human lives inflicted on Pakistani Christians has compelled me to raise the issue of the protection of minorities once again in these columns.

The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees fundamental rights, and Article 20 provides that subject to law, public order and morality every citizen shall have the right to profess, practise and propagate his religion and every religious denomination and every sect thereof shall have the right to establish, maintain and manage its religious institutions. Continue reading


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Of Devis and Dams

By Huma Yousaf 

The landscape of the Hingol National Park in Balochistan, Pakistan’s largest national park is otherworldly. The turquoise and azure-hued Hingol River snakes through the expanse of white sands, tumbleweed and craggy sandstone peaks. It is only fitting, then, that nestled deep within the park is a spiritual sanctuary, the famed Hinglaj Mandir, known in the vernacular as Nani Mandir, one of the holiest Hindu sites of worship in the country.
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Rana Chandar Singh (1931-2009)

Former federal minister and the main leader of the Hindu minority in Pakistan, Rana Chandar Singh has passed away.  Originally a part of the Pakistan People’s Party,   Singh parted ways with the PPP in 1990 and formed the Pakistan Hindu Party which was cenered around advancing the cause of Hindus in Pakistan.   We join Pakistanis of Hindu faith in mourning the loss of a Pakistani who made a contribution to both Pakistan and his community. -YLH

Pakistan Hindu Party founder passes away

Karachi, Aug.2 – ANI: Former federal minister and the chieftain of the Pakistani Hindu Sodha Thakur Rajput, and founder of the Pakistan Hindu Party, Rana Chander Singh passed away in a hospital here. He was 78. Continue reading


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Our Sacred Minorities

We are posting here a book review – courtesy Daily Times- which raises some very important points.  Pakistan is a multicultural and multiethnic society but often this is not represented or recognized.   It is therefore important to take a stock of the situation and make amends now for a pluralistic Pakistan starting perhaps with our national flag.  As a successor authority, the completely green flag of the Muslim League was amended and a white part was added to represent the minorities to show Pakistan’s diversity.  Unfortunately that white part has now become representative of exclusion rather than the principle of inclusion which it was to signify. It is high time that we constitutionally adopted the meanings of white and green along the lines that the original mover – Liaqat Ali Khan – suggested i.e. Green for Life,  White for Peace and Crescent and Star for Progress  -YLH

By Khaled Ahmed

The white patch in our flag are the non-Muslims. There was no one in our midst who objected to this separate white patch which means that there is a tacit Muslim acceptance of ‘separation’ of the non-Muslim. Even the Quaid did not protest who should have because he didn’t want people defined, divided or separated on the basis of religion. ‘Separation’ was something in the air after 1947. And the Muslim League flag had to be modified; so why not do it with a white patch? Continue reading


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