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Has Pakistan Arrived?

By Brigadier (ret) Simon Samson Sharaf

In an emotional and controversial address to his constituency, the President of Pakistan, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari referred to the country as Sindhu Desh. In his fiery and reactive speech, this was perhaps the only silver lining. Deliberately or otherwise, he had touched a very sensitive issue of nationhood.

The politicians of Sindh unlike the Unionists of Punjab have been more Pakistani in many ways than they are accredited. Jinnah, the Syeds, Qazis, Soomros and Bhuttos are but to name a few.  Reviewing the annals of history, we are pleasantly reminded that Pakistan was never the realization of one ethnicity, sect or mindset. It was a struggle based on the aspirations of diverse groups and still remains so. Continue reading



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Alienating Pakistan’s Patriots

Shame!  We have finally alienated Pakistan’s only truly patriotic community.  Well done Mullahs!-YLH

HYDERABAD, August 05,2009 : (Abbas Kassar for PCP) “We the Christians feel ourselves as unsafe in our own land Pakistan because of the religious extremism which is at its climax in the country. The religio Continue reading

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Making Martyrs of Gojra Count

 By Yasser Latif Hamdani

Gojra is Pakistan’s Godhra/Gujurat moment. For years we pointed to India and the horrific communal violence to claim that something like this couldn’t happen in Pakistan despite all of Pakistan’s flaws. The events of Gojra three days ago have changed all of that coming only days before the purported minorities celebration week leading to August 11th celebration of Minorities’ Day. Now the minorities will commemorate a week of mourning ending on a black day commemorating the betrayal of the promise that Jinnah made to all citizens of this country ie protection of life, liberty, religious freedom and equality of citizenship Continue reading


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A Matter of Shame for all Pakistanis

Shame!  Shame on all of us.   There are no words to describe this.    The government must immediately bring the perpetrators to justice and make a horrible example of them.  What may we ask is the Chief Minister doing about this?  Is he going to remain an idle spectator or is he going to show some backbone and take these fanatics who sully our already muddied name.  -YLH

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) — Six people were killed in Pakistan on Saturday when Muslim demonstrators set fire to houses in a Christian enclave and fighting broke out, local police said.


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