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Pakistan’s Fashion Week: Some Like It Haute



Faeza Ansari in Deepak Perwani

 From Dawn Magazine 15th November,  2009

The Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW) that was held last week wasn’t without its share of controversies. It started out being dubbed as the second Karachi Fashion Week (KFW) — the first one was held in August 2008 — got delayed due to the socio-political conditions in the country, and then changed at the last minute from KFW to FPW. There were those who thought that it would never happen. But it did, and it set a new standard for how fashion shows are held in Pakistan.

With a modified 88-foot ramp (from the original 100-foot ramp), a seating of around 450 people and a plethora of international media present, FPW encompassed four days with eight designers showing their collections each day. It was well-organised, started on time and ended timely as well. Continue reading


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Pakistan Fashion Week Defies Terrorists

kfw2009Pakistanis will not give up.  Pakistanis will not surrender.  This was the message that came from Pakistan’s resilient fashion industry which is putting itself at stake by coming out full force for the country.   Karachi Fashion Week is bigger, better and sexier this year.

Pakistani Fashion Week Begins With Models Exposing Their Navels

KARACHI – Bare shoulders, exposed navels and a lot of skin show ruled the ramp at the Pakistan fashion week that begun here Wednesday defying the Taliban’s preference for the burqa. Continue reading


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