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Will we need to close the door to Pakistan’s dispossessed?

Our leaders are losing sleep over the Taliban’s advance and what that could spell for Britain

I would like to welcome Zahid Abdullah to Britain. He is a Pakistani student of English literature, rather than the snarling prose of the theocrats who threaten his country, and suffered the keenest blow a lover of books can take when he lost his sight. Undeterred, Abdullah divided his spare time between producing talking books for the blind and supporting the Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives, a pressure group that campaigns for the classic liberal causes of human rights, freedom of information and freedom from “barbaric acts of terrorism”. Continue reading

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Zardari given credit for post-election conduct

Khalid Hasan comments on the report by Washington Times citing a US election observer who was surprised by PPP co-chairman’s ‘almost total lack of bitterness’WASHINGTON: Asif Ali Zardari, according to an article published in the Washington Times on Monday, deserves much of the credit for not letting Pakistan descend into corruption and mismanagement following elections.


Thomas Houlahan, a Pakistan election observer with the Centre for Media and Democracy, writes that when he met Zardari shortly after the election and he was struck by a number of things, the most obvious and surprising of which was his “almost total lack of bitterness” considering that he had spent 11 years in prison on charges that ultimately were dropped. “A desire to seek retribution against the people who put or kept him there would have been understandable. ‘There are things that have to be done for Pakistan that need to be attended to immediately,’ Zardari said, adding, ‘I don’t have time for it’.” Continue reading

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