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Differentiating between journalism and ‘churnalism’

We are posting this article by Azeem Daultana. PTH does not necessarily agree with the contents of this post.

Apropos “Information Minister vs journalists” by Usman Manzoor published in The News International of May 27, 2010, the reporter has desperately tried to use the space of this newspaper to establish the now controversial credentials of its Group Editor, Mr. Shaheen Sehbai. Why he felt the need to do so may actually speak volumes for the difficult situation that the journalist in question is currently facing to justify his spate of unverified, unattributed, highly biased, and explicitly venomous opinions that he has been writing in this newspaper for the last two years under various slugs to attack the Democratic Government and its elected leadership.

To begin with, the headline of this story is misleading, as it does not correspond with its contents. The use of the term ‘journalists’ in plural for one person – in this case Shaheen Sehbai – gives the impression as if the Federal Minister for Information & Broadcasting is up against many journalists. If that were the case, which of course it is not, why did the reporter not quote any other journalist, or analyze their stories to justify his report’s headline? It looks as if headlines in The News are now being written before the content of a piece.
The reporter has listed a few stories by Mr. Sehbai to prove a point that the journalist in question files authentic stories, which never bounce back. But the readers of The News now know that reality is quite otherwise. They are well aware of both the subject and the use of words that the writer usually employs to express his sheer bias against one personality in the name of ‘viewpoint’, ‘news analysis’, ‘comment’, and ‘situationer’ on Pakistani politics and current state of affairs. Continue reading


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