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Copenhagen Summit: Glacial Data Crucial to Combating Climate Change

By Darryl D’Monte*

COPENHAGEN, Dec 18 (IPS/TerraViva) – People living in the Himalayan region are increasingly confronted by rising temperatures and glaciers melting at an unprecedented rate, threatening their very survival. This much the world already knows.

Yet, experts say, there is still no accurate and reliable data on the Himalayan glaciers and many aspects of its ecosystem, which should facilitate determining mitigation measures addressing current and future impacts of climate change on the Himalayas. Continue reading


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Water: India Still Blackmailing Pakistan

Sajjad Shaukat

India leaves no stone unturned in blackmailing Pakistan by manipulating any crisis or dispute either it is of permanent or temporary nature. For example, by showing self-fabricated evidence, full of loopholes, India has broken all the previous record in blackmailing Pakistan in the aftermath of the November 26 Mumbai carnage. Although New Delhi has re-started dialogue with Islamabad, yet it has still been insisting on the latter to show progress over the culprits of Mumbai terror-events as pre-condition to talk on other issues of the composite dialogue. On the other hand, Pakistan’s rulers have been repeatedly emphasizing Indian leadership to produce solid information in this regard. Continue reading


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Take our hand of friendship, India tells Pakistan

* Indian foreign minister says Islamabad must take credible action against terrorists

* Says New Delhi will like to cooperate with Pakistan against terrorism

By Iftikhar Gilani

NEW DELHI: India has extended a hand of friendship to Pakistan through its new foreign minister SM Krishna.

But the foreign minister said that dialogue between the two nuclear neighbours might, however, not be forthcoming unless Islamabad dismantled terrorist camps inside its territory and took a more determined action against terrorist organisations. Continue reading


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