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Did Jinnah Want Pakistan?

By Yasser Latif Hamdani
This is partly a continuation of my earlier article “Was Jinnah secular?” but mainly a response to a letter posted by Moin Ansari addressed to Mr. Najam Sethi called “refuting Mr Sethi’s blasphemy” in response to a TV show the latter did on the distortion of history in Pakistan.
Ahrari Fifth Columnist Moin Ansari is from a breed of self appointed Pakistani McCarthyites who abuse and attack anyone who tries to point out some facts about the creation of Pakistan. All of his “evidence” is usually badly sourced, or is selectively quoted. Those quotes trying to argue that Jinnah wanted an Islamic state have been addressed in the aforesaid “Was Jinnah secular” article, especially the misquoted Karachi Bar Association speech that seems to have captured the imagination of every Ziaist Islamist and right wing religio-fascist of Mr. Ansari’s camp. For a discussion on that please feel free to join that thread. Continue reading


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A retort to Pakistani fascists


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Is the Check in the Mail?

The Confessions of a Groveling Pakistani Native Orientalist

By PERVEZ HOODBHOY       CounterPunch 14 Dec 2009

Here ye, Counterpunch readers! The victory of Native Orientalists – the ones which the late Edward Said had warned us about – is nearly complete in Pakistan. It has been led by “the minions of Western embassies and Western-financed NGOs” and includes the likes of “Ahmad Rashid, Pervez Hoodbhoy, Najam Sethi, Khaled Ahmad, Irfan Hussain, Husain Haqqani, and P.J.Mir”. Thus declares Mohammad Shahid Alam, a professor of Pakistani origin who teaches at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachussetts. [CounterPunch, 2 Dec 2009] Continue reading


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“Pakistani Writing is Older Than Pakistan, Novel itself”

ali-sethiBy Mayank A Soofi
I caught up with Mr Mr Ali Sethi, a young Pakistani novelist, in the lawn of Delhi’s Ambassador Hotel during the last week of July, 2009. He was visiting India for a book tour of his first novel The Wish Maker. Mr Sethi’s parents, Najam Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin, run The Friday Times and Daily Times, two of Pakistan’s most popular newspapers. He lives in Lahore.

Hello, Mr Ali. You are 25 and already a novelist. At this age people just dream of one day writing a novel… Continue reading


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A Pakistani columnist finds a home in the south of South Asia

Mayank Austen Soofi

A rare newspaper columnist from the subcontinent who doesn’t betray that widespread subcontinental pettiness while writing about Pakistan and India has found a new nest in the south of the subcontinent. 

In July, 2008, Mr Irfan Husain, an ex-civil servant, a gourmand, a bibliophile, and also a columnist with Dawn and Daily Times, finished building Thalassa, a snug family cottage, on a remote beach in Sri Lanka. 
Continue reading


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“Imran Khan is a liberal”: Tehreek-e-Insaf

As a balance to the previous post, we are posting the views of a PTI official.-PTH 

By Khawar Hassan

“If you wish to converse with me”, Voltaire said, “Define your terms”.  Pakistan is a funny country where we excel at changing the meaning of the words to use them for our own benefit.  Business is now the equivalent of fraud and scams. Intelligence is the ability to lie and cheat. Integrity and honesty are equivalent to naivety and foolishness.  Politics is just another name for raw, crude and naked opportunism. Continue reading


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Lest we forget – an alternative view

Bilal Qureshi

”I want to implement complete Islamic laws where the Koran and the Sunnat are supreme.”

This is a direct quote from Nawaz Sharif’s speech in the parliament when he was Pakistan’s Prime Minister. Before he triggered a crisis that brought Musharraf into power, Nawaz Sharif was on his way to trashing everything non-religious. Not only had he come dangerously close to permanently destroying Pakistan’s secular constitution, Nawaz Sharif’s reckless governing style had put Pakistan on the path to complete economic meltdown, but fortunately for Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif was removed just in time to stop the slide. Continue reading


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