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Impoverished Journalism and Impious Mullahs

Amaad Ahmad’s exclusive piece for PTH.

On June 16th 2010, Ulema of different religious parties appeared on the popular show Point Blank hosted by Mubashir Lucman of Express News for a discussion on the case of Ahmadis. The ‘scholarly’ panel launched unwarranted and slanderous attacks on the founder of the Ahmadiyya movement Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian and his followers. Compromising all journalistic ethos, no hearing was given by Mr. Lucman to those being denounced as the infidels. Image the reaction if Sunni beliefs were analyzed by Shia Ayatollahs on Point Blank instead.

This was not a discussion between two points of view since no Ahmadi scholar was invited to rebut or reply to the pronouncements of the Ulema. Rather it was only an affirmation of the alleged heresy of Ahmadis. Contrast this with when the Ahmadiyya Jamaat’s spokesperson was brought on the same show only days earlier for expressing his community’s reaction to May 28th atrocity. The spokesman’s limited airtime was generously gifted by Mr. Lucman to the ideological opponents of the movement. So much for the notion of fair and balanced discussion.

Given a free run by their host, the panelists competed for uttering the uglier and professing the more profane. Telling half-truths and full lies, they distorted facts and abused history in a way only Mullahs know best. Given their background, they did not fail in portraying a false and misleading picture of the claims of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. The only disappointment was the unbecoming conduct of Mubashir Lucman who joined in the chorus with vulgar laughs, cheap appeasement and suggestion of the divine punishment awaiting Ahmadis. It was troubling to see the depth to which Mr. Lucman has fallen. Continue reading



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Mann o Mullah (The Mullah And I)

Poet: Gul Nasir Khan

Language: Balochi
Translation SOURCE:

Mullah sunbahith pa waaz aa
Reesh aa dasth jathag pa naaz aa
Cho gushth pa buland awaaz aa
“Yakkay waajag inth, yakkay meer
Yakkay Haakim inth, yakkay peer
Yakkay pa gham inth, yakkay seer
Yakkay much kanth zarraan dayr
Yakkay gushing inth, yakkay sayr
Yakkay sar biranth, yakkay chayr
Yakkay swaar beeth aulaakaan
Posheeth jwaantharain poshaakaan
Jaan aa dhrhanz danth laalthaakaan
Yakkay gon shapaadain paadh aa
Looch o langarh o barbaadh aa
Zindh aa girr kanth naa shaadh aa
Amar inth Qaadir i bay shakkain
Athkag maan kithaab aa hakkain
Raahay baarag o baaz sakkain Continue reading

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Mullah Ka Tasawar-e-Pakistan


Courtesy Aaj Kal


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This Unnatural Obsession With Sex

by YLH

While  the terrorists that Our Mullahs provided the ideological basis for and helped create continue to wreak havoc on Pakistan – a country whose creation the Mullah-in-chief Maududi had doggedly opposed and had worked to weaken throughout his miserable, pathetic and parasitic existence –  it should be placed on record what flute our Maududian Neroes are playing while Rome burns.  Continue reading


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Time To Bring Mullah On Board

The horrific tragedy in Lahore has done little to either bring the country together. There is the usual condemnation; people voice their anger, especially if they are in front of the camera or talking to a reporter. The talking heads on television channels repeat the same mantra – India with the help of Israel and America wants to destabilize Pakistan because of its nuclear capabilities, etc. In other words, nothing new in analyzing the causes and no effort to actually examine internal facts that might be a cause of suicide bombings or terrorists acts in the country.

I have believed it for a while that unless people of Pakistan take a good hard and realistic look at themselves, they will never understand their standing in the world today. They would also fail to understand that yes, there is always the possibility of external involvement, but we can’t shift the entire blame to a “foreign hidden hand” every time we are attacked. There should be a process of self examination.  Continue reading


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“Sharia” in Malakand: Another stab in Pakistan’s heart

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

Once again the Pakistan People’s Party has disappointed its followers. And once again Awami National Party has made the worst compromise possible. For PPP it a is a throwback to the 1970s when the same configurations had delivered an “Islamic” constitution and ultimately an amendment that turned Ahmadis into Non-Muslims overnight. All this was done in the name of Islam by a party which otherwise prided itself on being liberal. For ANP it harks back to when its forerunner the Indian National Congress  encouraged the Islamic clergy in the name of Khilafat. Continue reading


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