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Ruchika Girhotra, Safia Bibi and Mukhtar Mai: any different?

 By Ishtiaq Ahmed         Daily Times 05 Jan 2010

What goes on all the time in rural India with regard to working women, especially from lower castes, hardly ever figures in media discussions. Such women are constantly harassed and molested by men of the superior castes

Some years ago, I met Indian human rights activists in Delhi. A lively discussion followed without the usual rancour that India-Pakistan interactions are notorious for, because we were interested in the rights and dignity of human beings as human beings and not as Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs and so on. The exchange of views and notes ended with us being unable to decide whether the Indian or the Pakistani dominant classes were more ruthless and heartless. That both were identical in their inhumanity was probably the easier conclusion to draw. Continue reading


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Bollywood,Reality TV and Indian secularism

Bradistan Calling

Indian TV has seen numerous Bollywood reality shows, competition where common boys (and occasionally girls) have won places on movies by top directors. The Show that I want to talk about is Bollywood, blind-date and arranged (and staged) marriage all rolled into one big media circus. Continue reading


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Mukhtar Mai’s marriage – an alternative view

mukhtar1By Aisha Fayyazi Sarwari

Mukhtar Mai, Glamour Magazine’s woman of the year 2005, ties the knot, for reasons she defines as “to support women’s rights.” I hope that this woman who has not backed down in the face of oppression in the name of culture, tradition and religion will continue to hold on tight to that principle even when the honeymoon is over. There are some troubling signs in this new relationship. One is that the groom, Mr. Gabol is an unstable character, younger and indelibly lacking in the maturity she possesses, and was a little too quick to commit suicide with sleeping pills when she turned him down in 2007. Continue reading


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Congratulations Mukhtar Mai

mukhtaran_mai_file078681We at Pak Tea House congratulate Ms. Mukhtar Mai for her recent marriage to Mr. Gabol.   She is a daughter of Pakistan whose efforts for women’s rights in this country have made her a symbol and inspiration for millions around the world.  May she now have marital bliss and all the happiness that was denied to her.  We quote here a story from the New York Times on Mai’s marriage. Continue reading


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We hope again: Mukhtar Mai, Kristof and activists

Isa Daudpota writing for The Friday Times (current issue)


On the rare occasions when courage and perseverance triumph in the face of tragedy and overwhelming odds, the occasion revives your faith in humanity. In the face of such heroic successes, lesser mortals are encouraged to excel in our own small ways. The media should therefore regularly highlight such stories to help reduce our national depression.

The bitter seed of one such heart-warming story was planted in 2002. I have just learnt that Mukhtar Mai, a Pakistani rape victim who waged a legal battle against her attackers and the justice system that sanctioned the crime, will be the subject of a feature Hollywood film. Funding is partly through ARY Digital, an independent Pakistani TV network, which will show this controversial movie nationally. Continue reading

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