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Pakistan Fashion Week Defies Terrorists

kfw2009Pakistanis will not give up.  Pakistanis will not surrender.  This was the message that came from Pakistan’s resilient fashion industry which is putting itself at stake by coming out full force for the country.   Karachi Fashion Week is bigger, better and sexier this year.

Pakistani Fashion Week Begins With Models Exposing Their Navels

KARACHI – Bare shoulders, exposed navels and a lot of skin show ruled the ramp at the Pakistan fashion week that begun here Wednesday defying the Taliban’s preference for the burqa. Continue reading


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Jinnah’s Pakistan in Retreat

From The News

By Maleeha Lodhi

An event in the life of a nation sometimes has deeper significance than what appears on the surface. The accord by which the government all but ceded administrative and judicial control to militants and their Taliban affiliates in Swat is such a development. This has profound implications for the country that have been obscured by the facile discussions on many TV talk shows. It may well mark a turning point in the country’s struggle with rising militancy.

The Swat deal signifies several things all at once. First and foremost it represents a retreat for Jinnah’s Pakistan. Whatever the apologists of the deal may claim, it is the very antithesis of the vision and ideals inspired by the country’s founder, the core of which was a modern, unified Muslim state, not one fragmented along obscurantist and sectarian lines. Several times during and after the struggle for freedom, the Quaid-e-Azam emphatically ruled out anything resembling a throwback to obscurantism or any variant of theocracy. His leadership rested on principle and according to one of his biographers, he preferred “political wilderness to playing to the gallery”. Continue reading

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The Mullahs and their strawmen

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

I recently wrote an article on PakTeaHouse about the so called “Sharia” in Malakand and how it was a stab in Pakistan’s heart.  It apparently has upset a lot of right wing Mullah fascist elements who think they own Islam and Pakistan.  In my opinion these people are the worst enemies of Pakistan and Islam. I would not have responded to the article in question but there were certain misrepresentation that needed to be countered and corrected. -YLH  


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