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One Pakistani Institution Places His Faith in Another

By Sabrina Tavernise, The New York Times

All rights reserved with The New York Times Company

Syed Babar Ali, a businessman and philanthropist, is two decades older than his country, Pakistan. He has witnessed every turn in its tumultuous history. Now, at 83, he feels he has earned the right to give it a bit of advice.

Mr. Ali is an institution in Pakistan. He has started some of the country’s most successful companies. But perhaps his most important contribution has been his role in creating the Lahore University of Management and Sciences, or L.U.M.S., begun as a business school but now evolved into the approximate equivalent of Harvard University in Pakistan.

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Love And Sex At LUMS 3: Happy Offending


In the past month that I have been at LUMS, I have come across a whole lot of crazy, as well as new stuff. From building a house, to PDC food, from tiny hostel rooms, to washing my own clothes in non-functional washing machines, from over loaded Zambeel to ever flooding campus mail, BUT, what I hadn’t come across yet, and hadn’t even thought of in the most outlandish of my fantasies was about ‘to love or not to love.’ Continue reading


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Love and Sex at LUMS 2: 9/11 Destined For Misery


Friday afternoon I had to read Tajwar’s erotic email and since then I cannot help put picture the three scenarios she had put forth in her email. While I regret not being able to witness these spectacles that have apparently slaughtered the LUMS brand; I cannot help wonder in amusement what the contraire is. It has been a year since I have been in LUMS (touch wood) and I was under the illusion that “making third base home runs” was the LUMS culture. In fact I always thought it was the new black and felt like a pariah the preceding year. While I honor either opinions on the subject of PDA, I am still in shock why would anyone want to picture “………. A girl’s half naked leg and a boys hand up the other half of capries”. Continue reading


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Love and Sex at LUMS 1: The Secret Love Life of LUMS Students

From Dawn Blogs

The campus of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is famous for being a bubble environment where risqué fashion trends are explored and high-school soap operas come to life in the midst of hijab-clad women and the bearded folk from LUMS Religious Society. To an outsider visiting LUMS, or possibly visiting Pakistan for the first time, this campus might seem at first encounter like the ideal multicultural environment akin to an ancient city-state where all live in harmony with tolerance. Continue reading


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An Indian in Pakistan: Manasa Patnam

Manasa’s story is certainly unique. She went on a 50-day visa two years ago, which was extended three times for a month each. Then when it seemed as if another extension wouldn’t come through, it did – for a whole year. A couple of weeks ago when I caught up with her at her department in Lahore, she was in full-blown depression. The joint secretary in Pakistan’s ministry of interior, it turned out, had learnt about Manasa’s case and had been horrified that an India had been given extension upon extension to live and work in the country.

Meanwhile, Manasa has learned to love Pakistan in so many different ways. I asked her about her life over the last two years and how she felt, now that she was getting ready to leave for her other home, in India.

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