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Islam, Constitution and Fundamental Rights

By Rafique Ahmed Mangrio

God created human on the earth, the period he fixed for creature to live is called “Life” which is very precious for every living creature on the earth. This is very basic and fundamental right for an individual to let him live safely, smoothly and freely. Then every prerequisite for protection of life is secondary mean, and any other requirement to decorate the life has third mean. The main reason or cause of many revolutions from time to time, from cave to this modern era, was the protection of life and protect of any thing which is obsessed with making the life perfect. Migration of people from place to another place is reason for getting peace and safety. The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) migrated from Makkah to Medina, even the all things were according to revelation, but the peaceful environment of Medina was also a fact. Continue reading


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BOOK REVIEW: A non-futile life in bureaucracy

BOOK REVIEW: A non-futile life in bureaucracy by Khaled Ahmed

By AK Khalid;
Allied Press Lahore 2006;

He went on to do his MA in History and Persian, and collected those tough degrees in Persian and Arabic known as Adeeb Fazil, Munshi Fazil and Maulvi Fazil. A cowherd from Gujrat had come to Lahore with nothing in his pocket and had walked away with the city’s best degrees

Abdul Karim Khalid is a tall dapper man in his eighties who became famous abroad…pointedly, not in Pakistan…for writing the best critical book on the wrong imposition of ushr in Pakistan: The Agrarian History of Pakistan. He did that as a result of the expertise accumulated by him as member Punjab Revenue Board for ten years at the end of a hardworking career in the Punjab Civil Service. The autobiography is a proof of what you can squeeze out of an otherwise dull life if you have the memory of a genius.
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7 Precepts for Life in Pakistan

(Saad Sultan from Lahore has contributed this post for the Pak Tea House. His initiative is welcome; and we are happy to add him to our list of contributors – Raza Rumi)


The author of this article takes no responsibility for the views expressed in it.

Dear readers, I regret to have to inform you that one day you will all be dead. For this reason you must never try killing yourselves. Yes, the 1st precept for Life in Pakistan is:

Don’t Commit Suicide
In fact, you should never try doing anything that something else will, eventually, do for you. And dying lies among the many other menial processes, such as digestion and cleaning the toilet, that, as far as we’re concerned, get done by themselves. And it is up to respectable people such as ourselves to ensure that things remain that way.
Now, recent events have shown us that people who think it’s all right to commit suicide fall into two categories: those who think its all right to kill yourself as long as you take enough ordinary men down with you, and those who think it’s all right to kill yourself as long as you take enough uniformed men down with you. Needless to say, both of them are equally wrong. What’s worse is that they are infinitely more dangerous to the welfare of the living than traditional suicides, who at least have the decency to end their lives in the quiet of their homes, lying in hot baths, using fresh razor blades, and leaving behind beautifully written suicide notes, outlining the reasons for their decision, and, in some cases, even apologizing for it.
Yet it is undoubtedly the life lovers who have chosen the most courageous path. People like you, the readers of this paper, who have resolved to live out these lives of yours, even if only in relative luxury. Others have resolved to live out theirs in abject poverty: toilet cleaners and road sweepers; people without the means to even afford this paper. I laud their courage. If they weren’t so poor, they wouldn’t be as brave, and if they weren’t so brave, we wouldn’t be as rich. Relatively speaking, of course.

Thus we come to the 2nd precept of Life in Pakistan:

If you must Commit Suicide, do it without Harming those who Love Life

Dying of suicide not only causes serious damage to one’s health, but, on a more serious note, seriously damages one’s reputation as well. Of course, it can be argued that one needn’t worry about reputation once one is dead, but we shall not be considering that argument, as in our opinion, one should never consider arguments that one can’t counter. Dying of suicide committed by somebody else, on the other hand, has a completely different impact on reputation altogether. Society compensates for the fall in the perpetrator’s standing by converting his victims, even if they had been base, foul and corrupt while alive, into valorous, heroic martyrs. The wisdom of such thinking is secondary to the fact that it is the way things happen. It is thus proposed that anyone found trying to commit suicide without minimizing its effects on decent, life-loving society should be subject to the capital punishment (provided that he is alive at the time) for the attempted interference. This gives birth to the 3rd precept of Life in Pakistan:

Mind your Own Business

While it is a precept that should be taken seriously by everybody, people who watch the news should be particularly wary of it. Continue reading


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