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He hears and heeds the trees

By Ardeshir Cowasjee                Dawn, 06 Dec, 2009

The planet we live on is insignificant in the universal scheme, and parts of it will always be ruled over largely by the ignorant and those who are significant only because of their capability to do immense damage. They heed neither the elements nor the environment.

There is of course the rare bird. Queen Anne of England once asked an honest courtier what the cost would be were she to include London’s Green Park within the precincts of her palace. She was told: ‘A monarchy, Madam, a monarchy.’ We in Pakistan are now fortunate to have a chief justice of our country who can hear and heed trees and who understands the environment. Continue reading


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Songs of Destruction

By Ahmad Rafay Alam
The Lahore Development Authority placed advertisements in national dailies this week of its intention to widen the Canal Bank Road. The decision is another example of how people with good intentions but no relevant experience can lead a city down a path to disaster.

Lahore hit headlines last week, but for altogether the wrong reasons. It is now the most polluted city in the country. The emissions from industry and automobiles have rendered its air un-breathable. It has no waste-treatment plant, so all the raw sewage it produces is happily tossed into the River Ravi. And in the next twenty years, expect its population and size to double.

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