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The ‘It-is-not-us’ syndrome

By Hajrah Mumtaz  Dawn Online

A couple of months ago, I wrote a column in praise of certain Pakistani pop stars and bands, arguing that there are a fair number of songs that display political consciousness and a related sense of responsibility. I referred to such songs as Junoon’s ‘Talaash’, Shahzad Roy’s ‘Lagay Raho’ and ‘Kismet Apnay Haath Main’, Noori’s ‘Merey Log’ and Laal’s rendition of Habib Jalib’s ‘Main Nay Uss Say Yeh Kaha.’ Continue reading



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Impressions after attending the Laal concert

ZI has sent this interesting account of the recent concert held in Karachi. We support the Laal and its cause and welcome their music with a message for change.  However, we also look for alternative perspectives and this post gives us some insights that often get overlooked in run of the mill reviews. Raza Rumi

Moved by the amazing videos of Umeed-e-Sahar and Musheer (that had played repeatedly on Geo during the Emergency), I was extremely excited at the opportunity to listen to LaaL play live at what Geo has christened “Azaadi Gali” – which is actually the road where their office is located. The dress code was red and many people did indeed follow it. What was unfortunate, however, was that not a lot many people turned up even though it was open to the public for free. Most of those who attended were employees of the media group itself and it seemed as if the publicity that the network had attempted had completely failed. Continue reading


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