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Hussain Haqqani is a Patriot!

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Recent rumours that Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani is being replaced are harming Pakistan’s interests. At a time when Pakistan is literally under attack by enemies both foreign and domestic, responsible journalists and political figures from all parties should unite to support the best interests of the nation and defend those, like Mr. Haqqani, who have devoted their lives to supporting a strong, free, independent Pakistan. Continue reading


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Obama and Jamaat Islami Youth Wing

Bradistan Calling

Note: The views expressed are author’s,PTH does not necessarily agree with all the views expressed.Some names have intentionally been omitted to protect privacy.

It was a long afternoon,with cricket T20 in the background, and the location was a Lebanese restaurant in St.  John’s wood, in the shadow of Lords cricket ground in central London and we were enjoying a long outdoor meal.

My guest was a childhood friend (alumni of  “Physics under Hoodbhoy”  and Islami Jamiat Talba), now an analyst with an American Bible-Belt Neo-Con Think-Tank, visiting London for a seminar on “Preventing Islamist Extremism” in the disenfranchised Muslim youth of U.K. He also ran a blog called “Friends of Pakistan” before the name was  artfully stolen by President Zardari’s team (Allegedly by Ambassador Haqqani, who is rumoured to ghost-write Zardari articles in NYT, WP and WSJ). Continue reading


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Interview- Pakistan’s Ambassador to US

Incredible interview (in Urdu)! Husain Haqqani, the professor he had become, lectures Kashif Abbasi and most TV anchors, about maintaining an emotional and uninformed attitude about USA. He traces the history of Pak-US relations and quotes Mohammad Ali Jinnah from 1948 when questioned how will Pakistan survive to which Jinnah [allegedly] responds “Pakistan will survive economically with US help”. He tells the anchor about the nature of relationship, about power politics, about realpolitik. What comes out clearly is how unprepared Kashif Abbasi was in interviewing Ambassador Haqqani. Shaheryar Azhar, moderator of The Forum


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