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Govt should do more

Bilal Qureshi

I have noticed strange things in Pakistan during my recent stay there, but two things stand out for me. One, it is the unbelievably weird ability of Pakistanis to connect every bad thing to American and how America with Israel and India is relentlessly trying to destroy Pakistan, but Pakistan is surviving against all odds.

Second, it is the unusual talent of Pakistanis to ask the government to solve all there problems, do more, and more and more, without being specific. For example, prices of daily commodities go up, and the people start repeating the same thing: government should bring down the prices Continue reading


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Pakistan today: taking responsibility for our own mistakes

Bilal Qureshi has written this post for Pak Tea House. Insightful and provocative. ed. PTH

During my travel in Pakistan, once again, I had the opportunity to meet and listen to people from all walks of life and I am terribly sad to the see that people in Pakistan have increasingly become negative and cynical about everything.

It is impossible to find anyone positive about the future of Pakistan.

Today, the entire world is experiencing horrendous economical crisis and governments across the globe are working to get ahead of the current financial problem which has the potential to become a global recession. However, despite difficult times, it would be very difficult to find any other nation express so much hopelessness as one sees in Pakistan. One reason, but certainly not the only reason, is the role that the electronic media has played in Pakistan for this loss of hope.

Media, generally responsible for accurately reporting realities in other countries, has not met the international standard of reporting. In Continue reading


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The Cancer of the Conquered

By Mozaffar

When a people begin to believe they have been defeated they have entered a bottomless pit. They continue and continue and continue to live in defeat. It is a cycle that can cripple a people not for a year, not for a century, but for a millennium.

Thus we look at so many communities across the globe. These communities celebrate a distant, idyllic past, a past fueled with great heroes and accomplishments. They celebrate a past without which — they claim — today would not be today. And, these claims of the greatness of the past are to somehow bring these people on the same level as the conquerors of today.

Not to be.

That celebration of the past is fuel. It is fuel for the vicious circle of defeatism. It perpetuates a longing for something that never existed as a hope for a future that is not there or theirs. It is also an excuse, an excuse to continue this life of grief. Continue reading

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