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(A Brace for Bloody Winters)

By Samson Simon Sharaf

The long awaited Obama Speech is over. It is to wait and see the impact of the third surge in a highly destabilized, charged and violent region. The endgame if one dares, is not what Secretary Clinton wants us to believe.

I would describe the new strategy as a tight balloon in hot air that may rapture even before it reaches close to its objectives. The speech makes all the right noises of an establishment given up on the doctrine of ‘Shock and Awe’ that promoted absolutism in distant lands. It recognizes Pakistan’s integrity, sovereignty and welfare of the people. Following intense lobbying between State Department and Pentagon, there appears a lead role for the Pentagon working in tandem with Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) previously headed by General Stanley McChrystal from the Vice President’s Office and the CIA. Continue reading


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Pakistan’s Super Anchors

By Bilal Qureshi

                         با دوستان هایی از این دشمنان ما نیاز ندارد.

The meeting between Pakistan’s ‘super anchors’ and Hillary Clinton was, well, disastrous, not for America or Clinton, but for these talk show hosts.

Hillary was calm, controlled, measured and she answered all sorts of questions thoroughly and intelligently. Continue reading


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Don’t Let The Devil Dazzle you

Bilal Qureshi

” Our biggest problem isn’t caves, its credibility. Our messages lack credibility because we haven’t invested enough in building trust and relationships, and we haven’t always delivered on promises” writes Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff in an article for US military Journal, Joint Force Quarterly, while referring to the Muslim World.

Yankees credibility crisis might be a rattling revelation at home but not for the rest of the world. As America is a famous architect of duplicitous policies and White house is commonly viewed as a ruthless Wizard’s House Continue reading


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